Trans lobby seeks to silence healthy debate

Barry Neufeld dares to say out loud what millions of Canadians are thinking privately but are too afraid to express publicly.


Barry Neufeld dares to say out loud what millions of Canadians are thinking privately but are too afraid to express publicly.

An elected school trustee on the Chilliwack Board of Education, Mr Neufeld has questioned the value and merit of the new “sexual orientation and gender identity” (SOGI) additions to the BC school curriculum.  

“SOGI 123” aggressively promotes a perspective on sexuality that could be described as progressive, post-modernist, liberal, secular or libertine.  

It recommends books like “Heather Has Two Mommies” and “My Princess Boy” to children as young as five.  One can agree or disagree with SOGI 123, but there is no doubt that its ideology is entirely hostile to what many Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Sikh and non-religious parents are teaching their own children about sexuality and marriage.

Mr Neufeld takes issue with “the teaching of the theory, as if it was fact, that gender is fluid, that there are more than two genders, and that gender is not based in biology.”

Mild language when compared to prominent feminist Germaine Greer, who says: “just because you lop off your penis. it doesn’t make you a woman.”

Dr James Cantor, director of the Toronto Sexuality Centre and author of the blog Sexology Today, compiled results from a dozen medical studies showing that the majority of kids stop feeling transgendered past puberty.  

The tendency for gender dysphoria to resolve itself as a child gets older iknown as “desistance.”

Many regard the use of puberty blockers, hormone therapy and gender reassignment as child abuse.  

Licensed clinical social worker Lisa Marchiano notes that medical transition damages the body compromises fertility, and can lead to lifelong dependence on synthetic hormones.

One of the most popular puberty-blocking drugs, Lupron, has been linked to brittle bones, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and seizures.

Over the course of decades, Drs. Susan Bradley and Ken Zucker successfully treated hundreds of children and adolescents who suffered from gender identity disorder.  

But political pressure shut down Toronto’s Child Youth and Family Gender Identity Clinic in 2015.

While it should not matter, it is worth stating that the Cantors, Marchianos, Bradleys and Zuckers of the world are not known for their Christian or other religious convictions.  

They are secular scientists.

But science be damned when it interferes with ideology.  

The “trans” movement is all the rage these days and hurls insults at anyone who disagrees: “bigots, bullies, homophobes, transphobes, haters, Nazis,” etc.

How ironic that the outpouring of vicious name-calling is done by those who claim to oppose bullying.

For objecting to SOGI 123, Mr Neufeld has been called on by the majority of his colleagues on the school board to resign.  Without having previously consulted its local members, the Canadian Union of Public Employees (Local 411) filed a human rights complaint against Mr Neufeld.  

BC Education Minister Rob Fleming has also called on Mr Neufeld to resign, simply for having expressed his cogent and reasoned criticism of SOGI 123.

Mr Neufeld’s ancestors fled from Russia to Canada in the 1870s, when the Russian educational authorities began to implement ideas from the French Revolution that children were the property of the state and must be indoctrinated with state ideology.

True to his heritage, and despite the pressure to resign, Mr. Neufeld states: “I believe that I must remain on the Board to be a lonely voice protecting impressionable children who I believe will be confused and harmed, resulting in the recent phenomenon of increased occurrences of rapid onset gender dysphoria (ROGD) in at-risk children. It is my duty as an elected School Board official to speak up when the best interests of children may be compromised. I will continue to do my duty as Trustee in this regard while exercising my constitutional freedom of expression as a Canadian.”

Even if Mr Neufeld is dead wrong in opposing SOGI 123, concern for the well-being of children should motivate all parents and all politicians to have an honest discussion and frank debate about the merit (or lack thereof) of this program.  

If SOGI 123 is based on science, and if it actually benefits children, its supporters should not fear tough questions and blunt criticism.  

If SOGI 123 is all about stopping or reducing bullying, then the Chilliwack school trustees and BC’s Education Minister should be willing to debate the merits of telling very young children that there are many genders.  

Instead, they seek to bully and intimidate Mr Neufeld into resigning. 

This is an abuse of authority.  This bullying approach harms children, by preventing the open dialogue necessary to ensure that the public is well-informed of the risks brought by transgender ideology.

Lawyer John Carpay is president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms which is providing Mr Neufeld with legal advice in the present situation.


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  1. 12 RULES FOR A HEALTHY SOCIETY (Inspired by Jordan Peterson’s YouTube Lectures.)

    1) Free speech for all citizens is the key foundational right of Western culture. To speak freely one must be able to risk being offensive to others with opposing views. We reject “forced speech” (i.e. mandatory use of gender-neutral pronouns, etc) by governments against the will of citizens who do not agree with the validity of these words. We regard legislated forced speech as the verbal equivalent of rape.

    2) We reject the radical Alt-Right notions advocating for racial purity, fascism, and anti-semitism.

    3) We reject the radical Alt-Left notions of cultural marxism based “identity politics” as a viable means of achieving social justice. Identity politics perpetuates an “us vs. them” mentality which aims to create polarization, division, animosity and ultimately hatred in society. We, therefore, deem the doctrines of identity politics to be a form of left-wing “hate speech” and advocate that it be called out as such. Accordingly, we reject narratives of “Privilege”, “Intersectionality”, “Patriarchy” etc. We note here that identity politics has proven to be a murderous ideology repeatedly throughout the twentieth century. (Witness Stalinist Russia and Maoist China among others with tens of millions dead.)

    4) We support “equality of opportunity” for all citizens. We do not support quota-based “equality of outcome”. (i.e. “equity”) This position is based on the rationale that the key institutions in our private and public sectors must be based on hierarchies of competence (not power) in order to function properly. These hierarchies must be free of government interference.

    5) We reject suggestions that masculinity is in any way “toxic” and seek to promote educational policies to encourage boys to cultivate and celebrate their masculinity for the benefit of society. We reject notions of rampant “rape culture” on university campuses and the underlying implication that all young men are inherently inclined to commit sexual assault.

    6) We reject “Third Wave Feminism” because of its union with identity politics. We unequivocally do support equal opportunity, rights, and responsibilities for both men and women in society.

    7) We reject social constructivism over biology. Notably, we reject the notion that there are more than two genders, that gender exists on a spectrum, or that gender is a social construct. Likewise, we reject the notion that there are no biological differences in the neurology of the brain between men and women . This statement does not imply that either gender is superior to the other.

    8) We recognize that transgender people exist and respect their rights and responsibilities within society. We seek legislation which will make it illegal to transition a child prior to the age of eighteen. This statement is based on the rationale that children are too susceptible to suggestion, social fads or the desires of activist adult authority figures while lacking the life experience and maturity necessary to make such a critical decision themselves. We reject any suggestion that this statement makes us “transphobic”.

    9) We believe that rights and social responsibility must be accepted by all individuals in equal measure for society to succeed. This includes both majority and minority groups without exception.

    10) We believe that the traditional nuclear family is the cornerstone of all healthy societies. We reject the notion that marriage is an “outdated patriarchal institution”. We believe that men and women should strive to cultivate successful marriages working as equal partners towards the common goal of supporting each other’s physical and mental health. We believe that such unions are the optimal arrangement for raising children to achieve their full potential. We accept the right of homosexuals to legally marry for those who do not seek an opposite-sex life partner.

    11) We call for the following changes at public universities:

    – All universities must be legally required to adopt the so-called “Chicago Principles” on free speech as a pre-requisite to receiving continued public taxpayer funding.
    – Severe funding penalties for those universities which fail to protect free speech on campus.
    – Immediate cessation of all programs at universities where the discipline advocates for identity politics based political indoctrination.
    – Elimination of mandatory funding for student unions by the forced collection of student union dues.
    – Elimination of “safe spaces”, “trigger warnings” and resources set aside specifically for the benefit of single group(s) of students based on racial, gender or ethnic background.

    12) We support the belief that all citizens should have the right to a fair trial and that anyone accused of a crime must be deemed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

    If you happen to support all (or at least most) of the statements above please consider voting for politicians who will defend these views. In Canada, this means voting Conservative at the federal, provincial and municipal level as our Liberal party has embraced the extreme Alt-Left in recent years. In addition, we need people who support these positions to run not just for political office but also for school boards and other policy-making bodies throughout Canadian society. If you’re not in Canada then consider doing the same in your own country. With your help, we can undo the damage which run-amock political correctness has inflicted on our society.

  2. I hope Barry Neufeld will NOT resign and will continue to air his common sense views – which I too believe reflect the views of the majority of Canadians.

  3. Mr. Carpay…Excellent article…you are one of the few who are willing to speak the truth and reveal the details of this horrific charade.
    It is simply non debatable…SOGI 123 was deviously implemented in the shadows of back room deals and now the light has been switched on exposing the sex activists agenda to darken our society with lies disguised as social justice.
    Thank you Barry Neufeld, Heather Maah, Kari Simpson and everyone else working in the best interest of our children and preserving the rights of parents.
    Sadness for those who believe the lie that this program is some sort of valiant effort to eliminate bullying. It far surpassed that effort when they chose to blatantly fabricate lies stating gender is fluid, you can choose your gender, and putting into question for children that the irrefutable fact that ‘every’ child has a biological mother and father.
    It is obvious that those who have implemented this program and support these lies should resign immediately as they are unfit to be in a position that so drastically effects the impressionable minds, stability and well-being of our children.

  4. Barry Neufeld is one outstanding trustee who has the courage to stand up for the protection of children and parental rights.
    As for the Education Minister, the BCTF President and the President of Indep.Schools – it is clear what their ideological agenda is – the de-construction of the family and the introduction by force of the Kinsey sexual revolutionary agenda.

    Thank you Mr. Carpay for defending Barry Neufeld – British Columbians are with you every step of the way.

  5. Thank you, Mr Carpay, for your courage in speaking out in defense of Barry Neufeld. May it encourage others who, until now, have been too fearful to say what they believe regarding this topic. Many others have been simply ignorant of the coercive lurch toward an ‘Alice-in-Wonderland’ type of insanity that has occurred in our society and our schools, under the guise of “anti-bullying”. It’s time someone announced, “The Emperor has no clothes!”

  6. While Barry Neufeld may have felt alone his courage has inspired others to speak out against this insidious re-engineering of our society. I congratulate him and thank him as I do you as well Mr. Carpay.

  7. I am so encouraged to read the article by lawyer John Carpay in defense of Barry Neufeld. He offers an objective, balanced approach rooted in common sense. The facts which describe male and female identity are connected with biological reality. Feelings are subjective and often transitory in nature. To trust in your feelings as a guide for life and direction will bring disappointment and disillusion. The theory of transgenderism is a fantasy totally unrelated to factual reality and has no place in our public/private education institutions.

  8. Great article. It’s true that so many people are afraid to speak out publicly on this. Grateful for this trustee. Wish we had some like him in my district. And I fully agree with the first comment – if you value our country then please vote well and please consider getting involved.

  9. It is refreshing to read these intelligible comments in defense of Barry Nefeld. It is necessary to know that SOGI activists are minority who acts like majority. They think they are the only one who have or know the truth. I have been called a bigot simply because I disagree with their conclusion or stanza. Wise people do not call others bigots just because they disagree.

  10. I am almost speechless! This man has proven there is no limit to how low he will stoop. First, he publicly attacks LGBTQ2+ people, referring to transgender people as “mentally ill”, and parents as “child abusers”. Now, he has compared inclusive policies in schools for LGBTQ2+ students, to residential schools. He has now insulted Canada’s indigenous people, once again proving that he is unfit to serve as a school trustee. He swore an oath to represent all students, not just the straight, non-transgender students.

    Make no mistake about it, if Barry Neufeld would have directed his comments towards a race of people, or towards the Jewish community, we would not be having this conversation. For some unknown reason, he seems to be given permission to hate on the LGBTQ2+ community, especially transgender people. Well, it hasn’t gone unnoticed, as he will soon face the consequences in front of The Human Rights Tribunal.

  11. This trick, using the word “hate” to silence people who do not agree with you, doesn’t work anymore. People with common sense recognize this.

    Respect freedom of speech and conscience.

  12. There are two key things I notice driving the cancerous destruction of western societies:
    – myopic narcissism marked by internal locus of control (everything is about me and I can’t help it)
    – pathological altruisim upon a foundation of Frankenstein epistemology (all the world’s people are my own children and I have to take care of them for arbitrary reasons that I haven’t thought about)

    While it’s fun to blame the millenials for all the problems in society, it’s becoming apparent that the people driving this cancer are my generation (generation-X) and older. I have a lot of faith in millenials, and while some are completely useless, toxic wet blankets; others are truly remarkable, beautiful, talented and friendly examples of the human spirit. Millenials are nothing if not diverse. I hope they will choose to do what we did and rebel against their “elders”

    But in the spirit of JBP, it all starts with cleaning your room!

John Carpay

John Carpay was born in the Netherlands, and grew up in British Columbia. He earned his B.A. in Political Science at Laval University in Quebec City, and his LL.B. from the University of Calgary. Fluent in English, French, and Dutch, John served the Canadian Taxpayers Federation as Alberta Director from 2001 to 2005, advocating for lower taxes, less waste, and accountable government. Called to the Bar in 1999, he has been an advocate for freedom and the rule of law in constitutional cases across Canada. As the founder and president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, John has devoted his legal career to defending constitutional freedoms through litigation and education. He considers it a privilege to advocate for courageous and principled clients who take great risks – and make tremendous personal sacrifices – by resisting the unjust demands of intolerant government authorities. In 2010, John received the Pyramid Award for Ideas and Public Policy in recognition of his work in constitutional advocacy, and his success in building up and managing a non-profit organization to defend citizens’ freedoms. He serves on the Board of Advisors of iJustice, an initiative of the Centre for Civil Society, India.

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