Toronto’s first sex doll brothel opening in September

The dolls, each with their own name, range from the black haired and “busty” Anna, to Scarlett “The Absolute American Dream”.

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A Toronto business set to open early September is advertising itself as the first sex doll brothel to ever operate in North America.

“Aura Dolls” will be opening its doors on September 8th at 4632 Yonge St, Toronto. The company boasts a selection of six “life like” silicon dolls and while claiming “the dolls are thoroughly sanitized to meet your expectations,” the company website says the use of condoms is “highly recommended”.

The dolls, each with their own name, range from the black haired and “busty” Anna, to Scarlett “The Absolute American Dream”.

Our vision is to bring you an exciting new way to achieve your needs without the many restrictions and limitations that a real partner may come with. We hope that way you can enjoy any fantasy or fetish you desire without judgement or shame bringing the ultimate sexual experience,” claims the website’s statement of vision.

Facilities include private rooms with televisions streaming adult entertainment and separate entrance and exit doors to ensure privacy.  

Rates to spend time with the dolls begins at $80 for a half hour all the way to nearly $1,000 for four hours with two of the dolls.

When visiting the business, customers will not have to deal with any staff while making payments and will be wirelessly granted access to their designated room using a buzzer system. Customers can even call the business ahead of time and ask for specific requests on how the dolls should be dressed or displayed.

Aura Dolls is registered as a legitimate business within the City of Toronto. Regulations require that the dolls have a specific height requirement and don’t attempt to portray underage individuals.

Marketing Director Claire Lee said “We try to focus on the fact that since we have this service, for men who have these dark, violent fantasies, instead of putting out the urge to act aggressively, they can do something like this which is safe for everyone.”

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  1. And these “discerning gentleman” can’t afford to buy a sex doll that they don’t have to share with other guys ?

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