Toronto Proposes Muslim-Only Internship Program

The city of Toronto has just introduced a new program that will hire only Muslims to work in the offices of City Councillors. 

City Council
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The city of Toronto has just introduced a new program that will hire only Muslims to work in the offices of City Councillors.

The applicants to this program will not be chosen by elected officials, but rather by something called Dawanet. “Dawa” is an Islamic word for Muslim evangelism.

Organizers describe the programs as a tool to “promote diversity,” which is ridiculous given the fact that it is only hiring people from one specific religion.

Of course, there is no program that exclusively hires Christians, Sikhs, Jews, Hindus, or any of the other religious communities in Toronto, because that would be “offensive” and “discriminatory” against Muslims.

Context: It should be noted that this is taxpayer funded.


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  1. Toronto, politicians have lost theminute brains. The majority of Canadians has said time and time
    again, giving any religious group special treatment, does nothing for diversity.It acrually creates
    An atmosphere of hate, not only for the party getting the special interest but also for the politicians
    that agreed.
    Allpoliticians should take heed, there will be a backlash and what will be left wiggling on the ground, will be the politicians that created the problem.
    I.e Toronto council and the federal Liberals

  2. This is immoral, and outright wrong, no sector of any society should have preferred treatment, It creates atmosphere of disgust and hatred. Islam is and will take over just, like in Europe, and our politicians are able and willing to help them to achieve their goals.

  3. The city of Toronto’s politicians must be high on pot. How can they introduce such a program as to hiring muslim only to work in the offices of councilors ? Hiring should be open to all who qualify, it is discriminatory to hire on a religion base. No one group should receive special treatment. We all pay taxes, there’s no discrimination when it comes to paying taxes, everybody pays regarding color or religion, fat or thin, men or women. Politicians are the culprits that are creating an atmosphere of hate. For Heaven sake be realistic and don’t act like a bunch of morons.

    1. The only thing wrong w/your comment is Islam is not a religion.
      It is an ideology perpetrated on an uninformed populace designed to promote world dominance at ANY cost. NO conflicting belief system can coexist w/it as it is written that nonbelievers (Infidels) are to be exterminated.
      Sooo I’d be interested in learning just exactly who is promoting the destruction of “The melting pot” that is and has made Canada what it WAS.

  4. WHAT? This can’t be real. This is insanity! Muslim only? If they want “muslim only”, they need to go back to muslim countries. This is discrimination against non-muslims and NOT OKAY. City of Toronto, WHY ARE YOU ALLOWING THIS TO HAPPEN!?

  5. Info on who voted which way on this NEEDS to be made public. When this backfires and the city turns to an even bigger dump, someone needs to be held accountable AND financially responsible for the forthcoming turmoil.

  6. Political correctness run amok… surely if they were going to discriminate by giving a group preferential treatment, it should be indigenous young people who need the helping hands first. Otherwise this is a travesty.

  7. Diversity is a rainbow of separatism. White light is a mixture that is unified. No good will come of the diversity obsession and delusion.

  8. Phase Three of the Muslim Manifesto by the Brotherhood of America ( C.A.I.R ) was written in 1991, explaining the master plan of the destruction of Western Civilization. This phase is to quietly integrate Muslims into our society and use our laws against our own country. The demands for changes to our system due to their Religion / Ideology believes, Our attitude is to accommodate new immigration , therefore our government and city council have made concessions to the Muslim religion. Toronto City Council has crossed the line in offering job positions that only Muslims can apply. This is totally bias,and is setting a precedence, that now defines jobs by religions and not by qualifications. This will garner the Muslim vote in Toronto. This fits in with the Federal Liberals and their new immigration policy to bring into Canada 310,000 new refugees each year of 2018, 2019, & 2020. This will give the Federal Liberals and the Ontario liberals another 620,000 voters for the 2019 elections. The poll state that 72% of new immigrates will vote for the Liberal Party in appreciation of being taken in, The Conservative Party will receive only 20% of the new vote, and the NDP will only secure 8% of the new votes. Justin Trudeau Agenda in my estimation is going to plan, if he and the Liberals secure another majority government in 2019, our country that we have known will change forever.

  9. Isn’t this discrimantory and against the law? I f this is supposed go help Muslims City Hall is sure going out of it’s way to give citizens an excuse to feel even more anger towards them. They are putting one religion/people above another. They are elevating Muslims…giving them a superior position over other immigrants and citizens. This is something that should maybe be done for our indigenous population.
    This entire scenario is totally…totally wrong.

  10. “WE ARE NOT HERE TO ADOPT WESTERN VALUES, WE ARE HERE TO COLONIZE … and spread Islamic sharia law” – Tariq Ramadan
    “If we are practicing Muslims, WE ARE ABOVE THE LAW OF THE LAND.” -Mustafa Carroll, Director, CAIR Texas, USA.
    “WE WILL USE YOUR DEMOCRACY TO DESTROY YOUR DEMOCRACY.” Syrian born cleric, Omar Bakri Mohammed
    “We are the Muslims. We drink the blood of the enemy…That is Islam and that is jihad,” – Abu Izzadeen.

    “Western peoples willingly capitulate to Islamic mores—in the name of tolerance, multiculturalism, political correctness, or just plain cowardice—Muslims are becoming more emboldened, making more demands and threats, as they realize they need not militarily defeat the West in order to resuscitate their supremacist birthright.”
    “More appeasement from the bullied always brings about more demands from the bully”

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