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Toronto man fined for parking car on his own driveway
Toronto man fined for parking car on his own driveway

Toronto man fined for parking car on his own driveway 

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A Toronto-area man was recently issued a $75 ticket for parking his own vehicle partially on the front lawn of his Brampton, Ontario home.

According to CTV News, Kazi Islam says he plans to fight the ticket: “I still can’t believe that I got a ticket for parking on my own driveway. This is ridiculous. This is totally ridiculous.”

Islam claims that he has been parking his SUV on an angle with one wheel on the front lawn of his home for over 10 years. He also says that he has never received any complains about his parking prior to being ticketed.

Unfortunately for Islam, he was handed a $75 ticket for parking in an “unauthorized area.”

Though the fine is small, it’s still unjust.

CTV News also reports that a spokesperson for the City of Brampton said in an email that Islam was fined for parking on his own lawn, which directly violated a By-Law that prohibits parking of vehicles on landscaped areas of properties.

“Enforcement officers found a vehicle was parked on a large portion of the grass area (landscape) at this property… The By-Law prohibits parking of vehicles on the landscaped area of properties, both public and private.”

So to the city of Brampton, it does not matter if you’re a landowner or not. And if you do own your land, you can still very easily be penalized for doing the wrong thing with your land. No, not setting a fire, or playing music loudly, or anything that has any affect on anyone on Earth. But instead, for sorta-kinda parking on your own grass.

“It’s my private property. It’s my own driveway. I paid for it,” said Islam.

Islam said he plans to challenge the ticket out of concern that he’ll be fined again in the future for parking that way.

The city of Brampton also claims that their rules are in line to other municipalities and they’re enforced for the safety and upkeep of the community. This year alone, Brampton has had more than 250 similar parking complains.

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