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Toronto hotel gets one star reviews since accepting refugees due to harassment and overcrowding complaints

In August, around 200 refugees were relocated from student residences and homeless shelters to Radisson Hotel Toronto East.

Meeting rooms in the hotel have been transformed into cafeterias and makeshift school rooms to accommodate the refugees.

Radisson Hotel charges about 135$ a night for a room but recent reviews show that customers are not happy with the recent conditions. Since the last month reviews have reported harassment, loud noises and overcrowding.

One customer from Los Angeles, California reported an attempted phone theft and said that the hotel “is an absolute zoo… The lobby is filthy, packed with people at all times of the day, and the noise is unbearable at any hour.”

Another customer stressed that the hotel is not safe for children and complained about unacceptable conduct from teenagers towards his 7 year old daughter in a bathing suit.

“They looked them up and down and then turned to each other and said something. They then turned to my daughter and said you look very good, very pretty girl here…” reads the comment.

A vacationer from St. Thomas complained that “the men were knocking on doors and our wives and children were scared.”

Families and individuals in the hotel are expected to spend three to four weeks there, or even longer, until proper accommodations can be discovered to house them.

Around 25,000 more refugees are expected to be in Canada by the end of February.

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  • Welcome to diversity. Prepare your children for this behavior for the rest of their lives. These people are 'refugees' from each other. Send them back.

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