Toronto City Council Votes to Challenge Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s Decision to Cut City Councilmen

The challenge against provincial leadership is underway.


Reported by CBC just hours ago, Toronto’s city city council is officially heading to the legal arena in their challenge against Ontario Premier’s Doug Ford decision to cut the city council, citing an increase in efficiency.

Bill 5, better known as The Better Local Government Act, is Premier Ford’s initiative to slash council workers from 47 to 25.

The challenge by the city council passed with a 27-15 verdict and, in another motion to challenge the provincial Leadership, council members voted 25-17 to utilize every legal platform in order to do so.   Standing by the council, Mayor John Tory expressed that he believes that Ford’s bill is “wrong and unacceptable”.

CBC reporter, John Rieti, tweeted:

Heads of council in various parts of the Greater Toronto Area and into different parts of Ontario like Muskoka, Peel, Niagara, and York, are also affected by the bill as they will now be appointed instead of being elected in a traditional fashion.  

As Bordman has expressed within the context of his opinion piece on why slashing the city council members is a good idea, it seems as though it is not only the Conservatives that are fed up with spending excess dollars on people who do essentially nothing, it is also the taxpaying Torontonians who are desperate to keep the local government’s hand out of their pockets.  


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