The director of the Surete du Quebec Martin Prud’homme has been relieved of his duties pending an examination of “an allegation concerning a criminal offence,” as per the Montreal Gazette.

Prud’homme, who had been called to act as head of the Montreal police department during an ongoing administrative crisis, will face suspension until “a thorough examination of the situation” is completed. “The investigation of the allegation will be conducted by Quebec’s office of independent investigations (BEI), a unit unaffiliated with any of the province’s police forces.”

The minister has stated that officials met with Prud’homme, but he was not arrested because as of now, the matter is not an accusation, but an allegation.

It has not been specified if the allegations are linked to Prud’homme’s duties as chief of the provincial force.

Mario Bouchard, the current SQ deputy director, will assume the role of director and fill the absence left by Prud’homme.

“Line Bérubé, the civil servant who heads the branch of government that manages employees in senior positions, made the decision to suspend Prud’homme.”

According to the CBC, “Prud’homme was named to the position by former public security minister Martin Coiteux following other allegations of misconduct involving the SPVM’s internal affairs division.”

At the time, Coiteux said they needed someone “solid” to lead Montreal police.

This story will be updated as more information is released.