Tommy Robinson and Raif Badawi: you can’t support one but not the other…

Both men were imprisoned for essentially the same crime!

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On August 1st,Tommy Robinson was released from a British prison 40 lbs slimmer and looking like a shell of his former self.  On the other hand, Raif Badawi hasn’t been seen in years since his last public lashing.  Both men have sat in their respective state prisons for essentially the same crime, “criticism of Radical Islam”.

Raif Badawi’s case is more straight forward…  His actual crime as dictated by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is essentially, “insulting Islam through electronic channels”.   Tommy Robinson conversely, was guilty of “contempt of court”… or was it breaching the peace?

We know he was arrested for breaching the peace, as that is what the officers in the video of his arrest proclaimed.  However, he was eventually sentenced for contempt and shipped off to jail.

The most disturbing part of Tommy’s case was that he reportedly plead guilty, a claim that was widely distributed throughout the media.

In fact however, it has now come out that there was no such guilty plea from Tommy Robinson.  Within a matter of hours, Robinson was arrested for one thing, declared guilty of another, and shipped off to prison, making the Saudi legal system look reasonable by comparison.

Now, this isn’t praise of the human rights violations that is known in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but instead a chilling view of the fall of the West.

Raif Badawi’s case is simple to understand.  He is a human being that wanted autonomy over his own life and the right to free speech. And Saudi Arabia is Saudi Arabia, case closed.  That will earn you 10 years in prison, 1000 lashes, and no one bats an eye.

Tommy Robinson’s case requires a bit of background information.  Tommy Robinson was the founder of the EDL, a group famous for their street protests against the Islamization of Britain.  The group was slandered from the start and devolved into a caricature of what the media wanted.

Tommy Robinson left the EDL when things started to get out of hand and racism took over the movement.  I am inclined to believe Tommy’s story here, considering his arrest for an assault that occurred at an EDL rally happened because he attacked a neo-Nazi who was harassing a group of ethnic minorities within the EDL (a fact carefully omitted from most articles).

After leaving the EDL, Tommy Robinson became an independent thorne on the side of the British State.  So much so, that they had him arrested for a mistake on a mortgage application.

Forcing us to believe that all the Islamists on the streets calling for a Caliphate and the destruction of the West have perfect tax records.

Tommy was sent to prison where he was repeatedly beaten by Muslim prison gangs, all while the guards and the establishment knew full well what was going on.

Fast forward to 2018 and Tommy Robinson’s new crime seems to be his hard-line stance against the massive amount of organized gang rape all across the UK.

The horrifying accounts of the thousands of young girls who have been part of the “grooming” (mass rape) gangs in Telford, Rochdale, and Rotterdam that had shocked and enraged the UK.  However, it was nowhere near as bad as Tommy Robinson’s anti-rape stance, at least to some.

Here is where radical identity politics come into play.  The vast majority, over 80% according to the Quilliam Foundation, of the perpetrators of the gang rapes are Pakistani men, and their victims, primarily young British girls.

Tommy Robinson was banned from twitter for stating these facts and who knows, I might end up in front of a Human Rights Tribunal for writing this…

The story turns even more Orwellian when you listen to Tommy Robinson’s account of his recent incarceration.  He was moved from a prison with a 7% Muslim population to the one with the highest Muslim population in the UK.

Once he arrived there, he was immediately thrown in solitary confinement, “for his own safety”.  He was put in a cell on the ground floor, directly opposite from the mosque, so inmates would be able to hurl their own excrement at him during their free time.

At no point was he moved a floor up to end this inhumanity. Instead, they allegedly spent their time hampering his legal team from having a full visit.

From the looks of it, it seems that every arm of the British State is out to get Tommy Robinson.  That should send chills down the spine of anyone who calls themselves a liberal, yet it does not seem to.  Instead the Left and the mainstream media have been justifying their beliefs with: “he deserved it”, “he is far right”, “reporting restrictions”, “the law is the law, and he broke the law” and to that I say: Raif Badawi.

Raif Badawi also broke the laws of his country, but a true test of your principles is what you do when everyone else disagrees with you.

If the Left is really going to take this stand on Tommy Robinson, does that mean that women in Saudi Arabia should not be allowed to leave their homes without a male guardian?  It is the law in Saudi Arabia, and the law is the law… right?

Now to all the crazy Alt-righters who will proclaim disingenuous things about Raif Badawi such as; “he’s a secret Muslim, they all deserve it”, “something something white people…! Something something misinterpretation of history”, “those are the rules of his country”. To you I say… Tommy Robinson.  The argument flows both ways.

Their crime is the same… they rocked the boat and questioned religion.

Where things go from here for the two men is anyone’s guess, but neither future looks bright under the current administration’s.   One thing is clear though, Saudi Arabia and the UK have sent a clear message: Criticism of Radical Islam will result in torture.


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Daniel Bordman

Daniel was born and raised in Toronto. He started doing stand up comedy in Kingston while getting his degree from Queens University. Since then he has gone on to win the 2012 Bragging Rights comedy contest in Toronto, and in 2012 he co-founded Civil Space Network, a show dedicated to political satire.

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