The global movement to use climate change as an excuse for controlling the activities of everyday people is running into a repeat of avoidable problems. If climate activists paid attention to history on the climate file. The vicious circle is easy to understand. Well-intentioned progressives use the direst of scientific forecasts about the impacts of climate change to justify their totalitarian views.

The deal sets targets that would be ruinous to the economies of the signatory nations. Countries either ignore the emissions targets or make serious efforts to achieve them to their own detriment. Once the unattainable nature of the targets is understood companies slowly begin to withdrawal from the agreement.

The Kyoto Accord was signed in 1997. Democrat Bill Clinton was in the White House. Liberal Jean Chretien was serving as Canadian Prime Minister and Tony Blair was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The United States never ratified the proposal. The United Kingdom missed its carbon dioxide emission cut targets. Canada actually increased its emission targets. Only seven of the 37 countries with supposedly ‘binding’ agreements on Kyoto have ratified the agreement. Kyoto has never gone into effect.

The global progressive movement took another chance with the Paris Agreement, which was signed in April of 2016. United States President Donald Trump campaigned for the presidency on a promise to withdraw the U.S. from Paris. Trump won the presidency in part thanks to his promise on the Paris Accord. In June of 2017, President Trump kept his promise and withdrew the United States from the Paris Accord.

Australia and (maybe) Germany Join the United States

Australia recently announced its intentions to effectively leave the Paris Agreement when the Australian government rejected its Clean Energy Target. The reasons for Australia exiting Paris are two-fold. A conservative government coalition was recently elected in Australia. A factor in their decision to withdraw from Paris was a series of blackouts due to the undependable nature of renewable energy options.

The Paris Accord played a significant role in the recent German elections. German power prices have doubled due to Angela Merkel’s attempts to meet the country’s Paris targets. Despite the increase in prices, Germany looks unable to meet their Paris targets. Merkel’s government took a beating in the polls over the skyrocketing energy costs. As Merkel looks to form a new governing coalition she appears to need the support of the Free Democratic Party who oppose subsidies to the renewable energy industry.

Why It’s Time for Canada to Leave Paris

The sincerity of the Chinese government’s commitment to Paris is another serious question for Canada. If China, the United States, Germany and Australia do not meet their Paris commitments that means 52% of global greenhouse gas emissions will be coming from countries who are not playing by the Paris rules. If Canada continues in Paris under such a tremendous disadvantage it will represent another serious failure of leadership by Justin Trudeau.  

Canada should not suffer economically because of Justin Trudeau’s misplaced idealism. A mature, thoughtful Prime Minister would understand this and change his position on the Paris Accord. If Trudeau blindly stays committed to our Paris targets there is a little under two years until the next federal election and the coal will remain safely in the ground until then.


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