NAFTA Re-Negotiated

If you are a fan of politics and Canadian, chances are you have kept up with the recent negotiations surrounding NAFTA.

What you most likely have also been seeing is an attitude in which many believe our American neighbors will receive a lot more than us.

In this mentality, I find a problem.

If Trump wants to continue doing business with its largest trading partner than he should compromise in certain areas for Canadian interests. The partnership works in two directions. Not just to benefit the industries of America at the cost of the Canadian way of life. 

Canada America Trade

If he wants us to get less money from Mexican imports he will need to work with us on softwood, Chapter 19’s dispute settlement mechanism and come to a mutual agreement on the Keystone pipeline, because those are in our interests.

Now, this sentiment does not stop at the states. Walk into Downtown Montreal or Vancouver, and what do you see?

A massive homeless problem combined with a massive opioid crisis – and just behind this is one of the lowest donation seasons to Canadian food banks.

The Canadian middle class is failing and instead of aiding the less fortunate here, we look outside pretending Canada is a mystical land of fairies, and that we do not have our own struggling generation.

Reality check, We do.

More than five million Canadians, nearly one in seven are experiencing poverty. Many of them children, much more are disabled or very old.

Canadian problems exist and it’s time to start thinking about our future, and the future of every single Canadian. It’s time to prioritize us.



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