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Tim Hortons, Canada’s favourite coffee and donuts shop, has come out with a brand new meatless option that may surprise many.

The Tim Horton’s Beyond Burger is the newest addition to Tim Horton’s 100% plant-based patty menu options. The meatless burgers will soon be available at more than 4000 locations, nationwide.

“This marks the first time Tim Hortons has been able to include a burger on the menu because the burger patty is prepared in the same way as the Beyond Sausage patty for the new breakfast sandwiches,” reads a release by the coffee shop.

Tim Hortons appears to be riding on the meatless wave taking over a number of fast-food chains across Canada. A&W’s Beyond Meat burger, for example, has boomed in popularity.

Tims plans on releasing two different types of experimental burgers. The Beyond Burger, topped with processed cheese, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mustard, and mayo, or the BBQ Beyond Burger, which swaps out ketchup and mustard for their BBQ sauce.

The burgers will sell for just under six dollars at $5.69.