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Three-month-old baby dies as mother drops him during fight
(Photo: YouTube)

Three-month-old baby dies as mother drops him during fight 

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A Georgia mother has been arrested on murder charges after the events that transpired during a fight with another woman.

Karen Harrison, 26, reportedly told police that her baby had suffered a head injury after falling from the arms of a family friend.

Surveillance video retrieved from the parking lot of a Thomas Beauty Supply said otherwise, as Harrison and another woman were recorded getting into a scrap.

“We investigated the incident and determined the baby did not receive his injuries how it was reported. It was reported to us that the baby had fallen from the caregiver’s arms and received the injuries,” Lt. Freddie Williams, with the Moultrie Police Department, told WTXL. “Then we got information that there was a fight.”

Harrison can be seen in the video cradling her son in one arm, beginning to approach the other woman in the Beauty Supply parking lot. The other woman then swung a shopping bag at Harrison’s face. That’s when Harrison lost her balance, dropping her baby on the ground.

The two allegedly continued to scrap, as bystanders rushed over to aid them. One person finally picked up the baby, who was left injured on the ground while the two continued to fight.

The child was pronounced dead the next day at the Colquitt Regional Medical Centre. 

Harrison is now facing felony murder charges, first-degree child cruelty, second-degree child cruelty, simple battery and affray charges.

The unnamed woman who was in the fight with Harrison currently faces no charges.

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