Police say they have charged eight people in connection with the seizure of thousands of fake goods from the Pacific Mall in Markham.

According to City News, York Regional Police began investigating complaints about alleged counterfeit luxury clothing and handbags being sold at the mall. The investigation began in April 2018, and in June of that year, officers raided seven businesses in the mall along with one store-owner’s home.

Police met with representative from various brands such as Adidas, Louis Vuitton, and Dior who alleged that many of the goods seized were counterfeits.

Charged are Xiaoting Du, 32, Jing Sun, 55, and Siwen Sun, 29, all of Markham; Dan Chen, 34, of Aurora; Yue Qin, 29,of Ajax; and Xie Min Wu, 55, Jie Ni Lai 39, and Yi Long, 31 all of Toronto.

China is a big producer of counterfeit goods, and speculations may suggest that these goods may have been coming from there.

York police say the Department of Homeland Security, Canada Border Services Agency and the New York Police Department helped with the investigation.