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This writer exposed collusion between Antifa and the media and was mobbed for it 

When Eoin Lenihan published “It’s Not Your Imagination: The Journalists Writing About Antifa Are Often Their Cheerleaders” in Quillette, he had no expectation that he would be banned from Twitter. There was no way he could know that the journalists he identified as probably pro-Antifa would reach out to his other outlets, and ask them to pull Lenihan’s work as well. As of this writing, Lenihan’s account is suspended on Twitter, and his video at Al Jazeera News on a completely unrelated topic has been pulled down and is pending review.

Writing for Quillette, an open-minded publication interested in big, controversial ideas, can be a danger, as I know full well. But Twitter’s trigger happy bans and suspensions are indicative of a larger problem than simply the risks that are always present in speaking one’s mind. Twitter has no idea what it’s doing, and social media at large, which has replaced and in many ways and created so much of the arena for public discourse, is desperate to reign that public in.

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