This Jason Kenney Tweet Is Pure Factual Savagery

Joe Ceci is “the best Finance Minister Alberta has ever had?”

Jason Kenney
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The best kind of political message is one that is true and to the point.

Jason Kenney’s recent tweet highlights that idea perfectly, as he manages to break down the failures of the Notley government in less than 250 characters.

Now there are certainly some grey zones left out, such as the rapid decline in the price of oil when Notley was elected, but as a whole, the following tweet shows just how easily Kenney will likely win the coming election.

As the finances of the province overwhelmingly place the NDP in a poor campaigning situation, where they can continuously be branded as poor managers and even worse job creators.

What do you think will happen in the coming election? Let us know below!


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  1. Cici was a failure at City Hall in Calgary and before he got shown the door, he then jumped to the No Down Payment trough (aka NDP) to continue filling his pockets with Snivel servant paycheques while continuing the legacy of waste and poor money management skills of the vote seeking lefties.

    What did you expect?

    Heed the “Ides of (Taxario) March” scenario. Judgement is not only here, it will get it’s revenge soon. Then where will the rats scurry to? Gotta get that fix of taxpayers dollars both coming in the pockets and going down the drain.

    Europe is turning, then the US then Ontario. Get the flipping message. Economies do not do well under tax and spend Commies!

  2. Well Alberta did a little socialist experiment. I told everybody I know this is exactly what would happen. The province would be sunk into debt for at least 2 more generations, they would halt economic progress, and they would impost social justice warrior legislation into the school system. All done, brought to you by your friendly neighborhood idiots… I mean socialists. Freudian slip there woops.

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