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These Bosstown Dynamics robot gunslingers are going to overthrow humanity—except they’re not real

These Bosstown Dynamics robot gunslingers are going to overthrow humanity—except they’re not real 

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A video has made its way across the web, spreading like wildfire. It features a “robot” created by “Bosstown Dynamics,” that’s a gunslinger performing some incredible shooting drills, all while being knocked around by a couple assholes with hockey sticks.

What’s most impressive, though, is that the bot can seemingly distinguish between living and non-living figures, as it only shoots targets during the drills, even when presented with human targets beating it up.

There’s a catch, though. It’s fake. 

The video was posted by Corridor Digital, and features a computer-generated robot from Bosstown Dynamics, a spoof on Boston Dynamics, an actual engineering and robotics company based out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The most recent Boston Dynamics video, which is actually much more frightening than the spoof in a way, shows a humanoid robot doing parkour tricks, flips, and handstands.

The video caught major traction when it was shared by comedian and podcast host Joe Rogan, who clearly had fallen for the CGI bot video.

Of course, because the internet is the way that it is, the replies to Rogan’s tweet are flooded with users telling Joe that the video is fake, pointing out CGI errors, and even mentioning that the crew at Corridor Digital even made a reveal video that showed how they made the fake video.

While these robots may not be real yet, it will be interesting to see how companies like Boston Dynamics gradually ruin the Earth by developing robot armies that will overthrow humanity.

These Black Mirror-like robots might not be too far around the corner.

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