The World Cup is Coming to Canada

Canada will be hosting the world cup.


The announcement indeed showcases the power of sports to unite the world, as it comes at a time of economic tensions between the countries hosting alongside Canada.

FIFA has announced this morning from Moscow, Russia that the North American joint bid to host the 2026 world cup by Canada, the United States and Mexico has been successful. Meaning that for the first time, the Men’s World Cup tournament will be played, in part, on Canadian soil. A total of 10 matches will be played in Canada.

Canada has experience hosting this tournament, as it did an excellent job hosting the Women’s World Cup in 2015. The tournament is sure to bring massive droves of tourists to Canada, as well as infrastructure improvements that come with hosting international events such as the World Cup.

It is expected to make $14 billion in revenues and a profit of $11 billion for FIFA. It also means that the Canadian Men’s team, which struggles to get into the tournament through qualification, will play in the 2026 World Cup.

The ambitious bid, officially titled “UNITED 2026” beat out one from Morocco in the vote, which is cast by FIFA nations (the individual national football federations of the nations which are apart of FIFA).

Soccer’s popularity is already rapidly growing across the continent, and the presence of the tournament will only fuel the fire and turn more people on to the sport affectionately known as “The Beautiful Game.”


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Sammy Njobo

Sammy is a student of Economics and Finance at McGill University. As a writer, his goals are to help people become more involved in business and politics. He believes that good democracy starts with informed communities.

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