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The Quiggin Report: Free Speech Not Islamist Speech

The Quiggin Report is a look into the world of counter-terrorism, intelligence gathering and global security issues.

Hosted by intelligence analyst and counter-terrorism expert Tom Quiggin, The Quiggin Report gives behind the scenes insight into the world of intelligence and how western governments deal with, the growing phenomenon of extremist groups, gaining influence within western governments.

Quiggin was a senior fellow at S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and has 30 plus years of practical intelligence experience in a variety of positions including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Canadian Armed Forces, Privy Council Office of Canada, and many more.

He is a court-appointed authority(M.A, C.D.) on terrorism (criminal court and Federal Court) and “intelligence collection and evidence” (Federal Court).

In its premier episode, Tom discusses at stake here, which is the values that have been developed over centuries starting with the Magna Carta and moving through the Reformation, the; Enlightenment, and the Renaissance.

This can be called basic rights, human rights or the values we have inherited from our Greco-Judeo Christian history.

The struggles from the start of the reformation in 1517 to today are those of a working democracy, free speech and free assemblly, a legal system for all and the recognition of women as legal persons.

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Thomas Quiggin

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