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Trudeau “demonstrably” lying about pipeline development

It seems like the Prime Minister is beginning to develop a Trump-like fascination with spreading fake news propagated from within the inner core of his party’s establishment and supported by his preferred media sources.

Following a visit to Suncor’s Fort Hill operation, Trudeau said the Harper government failed to get major pipeline projects built because Canadians did not trust those in power “to both grow the economy and protect the environment.”

He went on to proclaim that “for 10 years, Stephen Harper’s government talked up the oilsands, but couldn’t get it done … their lack of any sort of responsibility on the environment didn’t just hurt the environment, it hurt the economy.”

How true are these claims?

These claims are questionable enough that, within minutes, Jason Kenney, leader of Alberta’s United Conservative Party and a former cabinet minister in the Harper government, tweeted that Trudeau’s claim is “demonstrably false.”

This would be fairly obvious to anyone looking without bias as under the Harper Conservative government, two entirely new oil pipelines were approved and actually built: The non-XL version of Keystone, from Alberta to Nebraska, approved in 2006, completed in 2010; and The Alberta Clipper, to Wisconsin, approved in 2008 and active in 2010.

The changeover in Line 9 taking oil west to east was also approved and activated under the Harper Tories.

In total, Alberta got an added 1.73-million barrels a day worth of pipeline capacity under the last government.

How did this false claim start?

According to the Financial Post, a cavalcade of journalists alongside federal and provincial politicians on the left helped make that happen.

First Max Fawcett, the former editor of Alberta Oil magazine, tweeting “Dear conservatives: It was Justin Trudeau and Rachel Notley that got a pipeline to tidewater. Enjoy your cognitive dissonance.”

Then a CBC TV panellist said the Tories had provincial support for federal backing but “never got it done” on pipelines.

Once on the news, Alberta’s NDP picked it up and amplified its importance with Environment Minister Shannon Phillips spreading a tweet from a Liberal activist: “So in the end, it took 2 progressive govs working together on climate change to get pipelines approved, and do what Con(servative) govs could not.”

The story at this point went on to become so viral before anyone fact checked it that even the National Post’s columnists wrote Trudeau got “a job done that Captain Oil Sands (Stephen Harper) couldn’t?” How “frustrating” for the Tories.

Moving forward

This ability for the Prime Minister and multiple levels of government to easily spread fake news with almost no repercussions from most mainstream outlets is a serious problem.

Ideological comfort with the Prime Minister or politicians on the left should not lead journalists into a position in which they are blind to the same spreading of a false narrative that they attack the hard right for.

It’s time we hold all politicians to the same standard when it comes to facts and telling the truth.

What do you think? Let us know below!


  • IIRC Harper also got Northern Gateway approved and Trudeau put into place a tanker ban that effectively killed the projetct.

  • Energy East - killed by the Trudeau Liberals. The pipeline addition to Vancouver will be a true test of his (in)ability to govern. What is even more sadly ironic is that Trudeau punishes pipeline builders who supply hydrocarbons but richly rewards and subsidizes one company in particular - Bombardier - that consumes these same hydrocarbons. Somehow the pipeline companies get tagged with the responsibility for that produced by a jet aircraft manufacturer. To paraphrase Orwell, it seems that in Canada, some industries are more equal than others. 18 months to go

  • "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on." - Winston Spencer Churchill

  • Trudoh is a liar, period ... hates Canada and Canadians, and proves time and time again that he's an enemy of the state!
    There's more that enough revenue in the oil industry to offset the boatloads of taxpayer dollars he's pissing away to foreign soil.

  • our experiment with socialism and now enviro socialism, where by we use bureaurats instead of violent rebellion to redistribute wealth, has to stop before it achieves its usual goal. total economic destruction and greater regional dependance on the federal state. The ruling regions of Canada are causing great damage to us in the west, as a normal course of Canadian Centrist Control, state dependance can be the only goal from their perspective, Alberta may come to realize that we perhaps do not belong within Canadian Federation. I know that the people of the West know this already, it may be time to take some steps closer to freedom.

  • It is frustrating that our media are puppets that seldom check facts and spend more time reporting American news than they do the stupidity of our lying politicians. But I guess we know who got Trudeau into power in the first place

    • Here is something the MSM could do; if all they want to continue to talk about Trump, how about comparing Trump and Trudeau
      Both of them love to be in front of the camera
      Both of them make reckless tweets (Trudeau with his welcoming Refugees comes to mind) that cause serious problems
      Both of them say that they want to help the middle class - Trump has lowered taxes and Trudeau has seriously raised taxes
      Both of them say that they want unity – both countries are more disunited than ever before
      Both of them say that they will help business – Trump has lowered business taxes and Trudeau has raised taxes through his clever carbon pricing. Canadian industries are moving out of Canada
      Trump increased stock prices – Trudeau lowered them
      Trump never put on carbon taxes and Trudeau apparently doesn’t understand that Canada is cold – he said he wouldn’t raise the GST – what the hell are carbon taxes if not a GST tax (Australia tried this silliness and got rid of carbon taxes after 2 years)
      Trump is growing American resources – Trudeau is killing our natural resource industry
      Trump blames Obama for all that ails the United States and tries to rectify Obamas mistakes – Trudeau blames Harper for all that ails Canada and continues to use most of Harpers policies

      • The difference is that Trudeau has no right to blame Harper for anything but Trump definitely has a right to blame Obama. Obama was a disaster of a president, Harper was a great PM who led us through a massive global recession (best economic numbers of the G8 I believe...) and we were able to do it because of his leadership. Trudeau doesn't have a leg to stand on blaming Harper. Trump on the other hand? Obama's policies were extremely damaging to the middle and even lower classes. He opened America's borders causing massive strain on law enforcement and welfare programs, also causing an increase in violent crimes. He raised taxes on the entire nation and pushed economic killing "green" energy projects. Trump is right to blame Obama for many of the problems he is facing. Trudeau? He blames Harper for HIS governments problems.

        • Trudeau IS Obama II..........He literally had Obama's spin masters come north of the border to get him elected. Trudeau has given millions to the Clinton Foundation, millions of Canadian Tax dollars that is. And our idiot PM is busy doing all the wrong headed things the celebrity President Obama did, after all being celebrities seems to be #1 with the Democrats and the Liberals. Trump is a celebrity also, but at least he has ran businesses.

  • just another 18 months of trudeau, and the bad taste in our mouths will be gone, if we can survive that long with him, then hopefully common sense will once again rule this land, and flourish, our resoures belong to all canadians, and and the wealth and revenue, through taxes , should be used for canadians, and its people, not every whiner on forgein soil, nor the united nations whims. 18 more months can not come fast enough, to make canada proud and strong again, instead of the laughing stock, we are now

    • The Liberals have an annoying tendency to win 2 or 3 terms regardless of how crappy they are.... Let's hope that's not the case this time around.

  • I am so tired of ou extremely left wing media that does not have the ability to check the correct facts and print them or broadcast the truth to alll Canadians. The Tragedy of all this lying is that a lot of unifnformed will believe this

  • I want Trudeau gone too, but who will replace him? The Liberals are dangerous, and how much do we know about Scheer?

    • Did you ever stop to think you don"t know much about Scheer, because the left wing media, who got Trudeau elected, are deliberately keeping him out of the news? We hear more of the NDP guy.....ask yourself why?

  • Harald, Barry, et al. Where will we find leadership before the next election? We have no organized oppositional leadership federally to support the oil industry .I have asked Ron Liepert, Federal MP Calgary West to bring up in the House of Commons the fate of our nation and the economy without a robust oil industry. Who would be better placed to rally a call to fair minded discussion on the Canadian need to trade oil. Not heard a peep from MP Liepert, a conservative,. Given foreign interests have supported Trudeau liberals to create a fictional green economy, and go hard on oil sands; the current PM and his liberals will loose the majority if BC province votes for another. And why the PM is making himself scarce. Outside of Alberta, Ms. Notley who lobbies for the Canadian need for pipelines.. So please everyone go pressure your MP's to be a voice for the only industry that seriously impacts the Canadian Standard of Living!

  • liberals out!bring back a conservative majority build the pipelines along with new refineries with the capacity to bring Canada the proper revenue we are capable of creating with our resources here at home.

  • It's not hard to believe that journalists automatically write articles that benefits the left, because most journalists and news agencies in Canada favour the left and always prompt the left in their articles.

  • West East Pipeline Needed
    Morons! You fail to see the 'Pro Canada' stance? Canadian politicians are "playing" this American Invader's bid to get a control on our most valuable export. Pray God this works or the backers of Kinder Morgan (not nice people, you Google, you see) will have that fingernail hold over all Canadian Tar Sands Oil and Canadians? We will be phoqued but good into buying and selling our own Canadian OIL in US Dollars, backing the US Petrodollar (rather than our own Canadian dollar), US warring, US Well being, supporting the US vagarities (thieving) of U.S. finance! Either it is taken over completely into Canadian hands or forsaken entirely.
    An alternate track:
    West East Pipeline Needed
    Always wanted a West/East pipeline and all Canadian Oil purchases and sales denominated in Canadian petrodollars only, and oil sold, by law, within our borders, in only Canadian petrodollars. Damn the Paul Martin Dynasty! Damn the Irving oil Dynasty, damn the 'Trudeau trust fund' money, damn the 'Morneau fortunes', damn various other uber rich Canadian “entitlements' for the status quo, and make Calgary a 'Canadian Dubai' where even Eastern Canadian achievers (and graduates) like my Canadian children can get good jobs.
    Fed up with supporting the Saudis and the Americans through their money skimming, money manipulating exchanges? increase this with the pipeline through BC? OR: Do both, but do them under severe government regulation, even as Quebec demanded, ISO 19000, European, or higher standards. (Google: Creekside: Trans Canada: an "American company") (Google Kinder Morgan for a group of bad players) Is this problem more a case of an AMERICAN firm, "TransCanada Pipelines' shady technologies, best suited to building crap pipelines and depending on deep pockets and the 'Insurance Play' for additional cash milked from oil profits for the original investors?( every spill is a reason to buy more policies, no spills = no policies sold, no "%") Can Canadian engineers build better pipelines? Defend against the Insurance Fraudsters? Do the deep pockets behind this company actually make more on the insurance sales than on the building of the pipelines? Keep a close eye on these carpet bagging bastards from Texas.
    Now that Trump has attacked us with whimsically declared Exos – NAFTA, “Tariffs' of a criminal nature, that break all other contracts with the US? We Canadians begin to see the schemes that bind us to US Financial corruption in the first degree.
    Only a Liberal or more likely an NDP party can do this West East pipeline for Canadians but keep in mind, Justin's trust funds just may depend on the former schemes as he really is a bonafide wolf in sheep's clothing, a Canadian Plutocrat, just like Morneau ( and how many other liberals and conservatives?) My Question: Does his trust fund depend on the Paul Martin Dynasties exclusive Saudi Oil shipping contracts?

    Why doesn't the United States just use all its domestic oil and cut imports? Geography is one reason. It's easier to export Montana oil to towns across the border in Canada than to ship it to Florida, for example. (thus cutting Canadian Oil Producer's throats?) Also, some grades of oil are not high enough for U.S. consumption. They're shipped to other countries that can use them. My Question: Can Canada build refineries for Tar Sands Oil? Will China help?

    Oil footnote:
    But: Storing Oil in the ground until prices are allowed to rise to over $150.00/bbl, ( then shipping as much as possible til prices fall isn't so dumb, long term? (
    Getting Canadians off of oil dependency before it is used as a tool of war by China/Russia/USA just might save our Canadian asses from freezing in the cold winter while other nations foolishly squander this life giving asset on warring and fast cars. When it comes to survival Canada must play a SMART game ( ) Like Norway?

    Investment footnote:
    Norway's Oil Fund Hits $1 Trillion; Meanwhile, In Alberta..

    My question: Who is making this kind of profits from Canadian Oil at the moment?

  • I think you have hit the nail on the head. I am so frustrated with the mainstream outlets for their lack of reporting on what is happening federally. We have this major pipeline/economic issue for Canada that I believe should be headline news everyday right now and they never report on it. Jason Kenny knows his facts and has no problem articulating them - thankfully! Thank you for this article.

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