The Life Of The Gun Owner

It was that moment in my life when I started to respect the gun and that it was not just a firearm but a tool and a useful one at that.

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As far as I can remember, guns and gun culture of various disciplines have been a part of my life. From the time I was about 5 years old, I remember my father telling me to never touch the two .22 Cooey’s he had on the wall and that if I did, life would be painful. Sounds harsh but that was the reality of it. If you were told at that young age not to do something…you didn’t do it. It was that moment in my life when I started to respect the gun and that it was not just a firearm but a tool, and a useful one at that.
Now that I’m older, recently retired from the Army and embracing civilian life, I’m overwhelmed at the fear mongering and ignorance towards guns and its culture in this country.
Now, I’m not going to make light of any mass shooting or murder spree of any sort. But when an elected official constantly gives ‘doublespeak’, uneducated facts, and assumptions to pass a bill that micromanages law abiding gun owners, one has to think of the repercussions of such lunacy. Bad happenings south of the border doesn’t necessarily mean the same will happen here.
Canada, as far as I have known, has had the strictest gun laws in any of the democratic nations we can speak of. In order to purchase any firearm, one has to take lessons, which can be anywhere from 6 to 8 hours or more of hands-on training.
Once that is completed, there is more paperwork, and a written and oral exam which requires at least an 80% to pass. Then you have to mail in your forms to the RCMP and pay a registration fee of 75$, which then it gets sent to a CFO a chief firearms officer (usually a retired RCMP Officer with nothing else to do). After that, the wait time can be anywhere from 3 to 6 months (and even up to 9 in some cases) to receive your PAL Card.
Once you have that…you can go and buy a firearm.
In this ever-changing world and narrative, I am personally getting tired and fed up with the so-called educated officials telling us what to do and when to do it.
As a gun owner, and as one who educated troops on the principles of rifle safety, I am not a criminal and neither are the customers and enthusiasts I have the pleasure of knowing. When it comes to guns in this country, I personally do not see any issues other than a handful of whiny brats who take it upon themselves to be so-called heroes in a time where fictional fights for social justice. The left likes to tell us that “this is not America”, while forgetting this fact when it actually matters. This gun owner will still train and learn, purchase guns and be happy to do so…and maybe one day I will teach others to do the same. For now, I’ll still stand on Guard for Thee.


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John Irwin

John is a 20 year veteran of the Canadian Army, a libertarian Patriot, Husband to a wonderful woman, gun owner, and gun rights, advocate. He is a believer in Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression and believes they are the key to our democracy!
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