The Left’s Hypocrisy in Voting Keith Ellison For Attorney General Despite Accusations of Abuse

Keith Ellison Keeps Moving up within the Democratic Party.


CNN projects that Keith Ellison, frontline Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party pick for attorney general in Minnesota, will actually win his position.

After reports (including the daunting Facebook message below by Ellison’s ex’s son), were out that Ellison was an emotionally and physically abusive figure towards his then-girlfriend. It seems as though this just does not matter for CNN and their Democrat constituency  as they move to elect the Democratic Representative as their attorney general.

My personal qualms with Ellison’s election reference, his increasing influence of unbalanced criticism of Israel, as well as spouting anti-Israel rhetoric rapidly perpetuating throughout the Democratic party, is problematic

Yet, as far as fairness is concerned, it is truly perplexing that throughout this entire era of the leftist #MeToo movement, as well as the case of leftist outrage over current President Donald Trump due to his past locker room banter (which he apologized for), that the left has not turned this story into something more..

As you can see in the post above, it seems like Ellison is a real nasty character.  Additionally, while there is no official video to be shown, for now, there are texts that suggest that there was a physical altercation.  

How can the left so inappropriately react to President Trump’s high school boy talk, fueling outrage around the nation and still using the story as ammunition to discredit Trump’s reputation. But when the shoe is on the other foot, the left essentially, disregards Ellison’s alleged behaviour and elects the man for a legal position in government?


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