The Governments plan to deal with returning ISIS fighters is online and its terrible

According to government plans which were acquired through a Global News freedom of information request, the most frightening aspect of these returning ISIS fighters is the fact that government plans are fairly limited.

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Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau participates in an armchair discussion with Tina Brown (not shown) at the Women in the World Summit at the David H. Koch Theater of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York on Thursday, April 6, 2017. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick
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Now that ISIS is in shambles after its four years of dominance in an area of the Middle East, we are beginning to see the return of so-called “Canadians” who went to fight for ISIS during their reign in the Middle East. Some of those who left in order to partake in ISIS’ inhumane activities have already returned.

According to government plans which were acquired through a Global News freedom of information request, the most frightening aspect of these returning ISIS fighters is how limited the government plans are.

Difficulty Pressing Charges

Most of these individuals will likely not even be charged with terrorism as they are some of the hardest to prove in the Canadian context. 

Due to the fact that these investigations often require evidence of the individual’s activities in the conflict zone, along with the challenge of recovering digital evidence because groups such as ISIS use encrypted methods of communication.

With all these challenges, the odds of the RCMP pushing criminal charges are extremely low and only a dismal amount of these fighters have been charged upon their return back to Canada.

Rising Numbers

60 ISIS fighters have already returned to Canada, while we’re bracing for another influx of ISIS fighters as their situation overseas continues to deteriorate.

This potentiality for new returnees and the lack of action taken by the Federal government has led to an uproar from the Conservatives in Parliament.

The opposition argues that the government is not only failing to protect Canadians, but that they are also making public very little information about how they plan to deal with these returning ISIS fighters.

Potential Options Going Foward

The United Kingdom has taken the correct steps in this matter and has revoked the citizenships of those ISIS fighters who fled their country in order to participate in their the brutal way of life, effectively making it illegal for those fighters to return to the UK without a complete government background search first. 

Canada did not follow their steps, and instead, potentially jeopardized the lives of our citizens.

In many cases, the government is actually forced to aid these “Canadian citizens” in returning to Canada, even after the atrocities that they may have committed overseas.

The best that the RCMP can often do is send an “intervention team” to meet with a returning ISIS fighter and their family, to hopefully turn them away from their ideology through the use of dialogue.

In order to protect Canadians and our values as Canadians, we cannot assume that none of these returnees do not pose a threat to us.

Anyone who has fought overseas in the name of ISIS does pose a significant risk, one that our government shouldn’t take lightly.

Due to the soft actions of our ruling government, we’ve seen a fairly small issue expand into a national security crisis.

It’s time the government took larger action, including tougher legislation to ensure the safety of each and every Canadian who has not fought for a terror group.


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  1. I would suggest that we take a page from our neighbors to the south, be ready to defend yourself. Shoot first and ask questions later. Better safe than sorry. If they have committed such horror over seas, and the police and courts have their hands tied by the Federal Government, then it is time for the people to take charge of safety for Canadians who are not terrorist, or terrorist supporters.

      1. Being prepared is not the same thing as living in fear. You lock your front door at home right? Is that because you live in fear?

    1. I dont even have to wonder much what would happen if JTurdhole’s daughter had a few of her dad’s
      terrorist buddies return & take truedums little girl on a camping trip, or field trip or just babysat her.

      1. Cindy, my guess is nothing would happen. Because they’re his terrorist buddies. I would bet on what would happen if it was a white man who did what these terrorists would do…

  2. The real sad part of all of this is that Trudeau will not be around when it’s time to pay the piper. He’ll be living in his fortified compound with the Khan, Butts and all his buddies spending daddy’s trust fund like he spent our money. You’ve seen his type, start a fight and run for the door.

    1. You are absolutely correct Gary… Right now they wouldn’t dare do anything until they’ve used the open border to finish filling us up, until then they all know they have the support of our PM, with welfare, housing, etc.. etc.. When they are here and ready, Trudeau will fly off to a safe place he can raise his family.

    2. Gary, We can only hope & pray that he will not be around BUT not because he’s in a fortified compound with all his buddies. BUT because he’s dead. And all his buddies too.

    Welfare… healthcare… dental…. affordable housing… government funded/TAX FUNDED programs…
    a little feel good counseling… and that should about do it.
    Meanwhile every other ISIS terrorist who can make it into America will land… take a cab to our border, and walk over and join his pals in Canada.
    What a NICE PM WE HAVE, oh and lets not forget the Canadian TAX PAYER

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