I wonder what Justine Sacco thinks about what’s happening at Gawker 2.0. Today, Gawker’s only two staff writers quit in protest of their editor Carson Griffith’s unsafe language. Maya Kosoff and Anna Breslaw released a statement that they could not “continue to work under someone who is antithetical to our sensibility and journalistic ethics, or for an employer who refuses to listen to the women who work for him when it’s inconvenient.”

Kosoff and Breslaw objected to comments and jokes made by Griffith’s about poverty, race, and penis size. According to The Daily Beast, Griffith’s other thoughtcrimes included dismissing “diversity training” sessions and not taking preferred pronouns seriously. Things went from bad to worse for Griffith when Splinter published a bunch of her tweets, many of which were in bad taste, in a charming hit piece entitled, “Here Are the Media Chuds Joining Fake Gawker.”