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The consequences of the online mob game
The consequences of the online mob game

The consequences of the online mob game 

In the last episode of the third season of Black Mirror (S03 E06)—“Hated in the Nation”—a hacker uses automated drone bees to kill off obnoxious people. The first to die is a provocative conservative pundit who mocks the disabled in her weekly column. The second is a narcissistic rapper who insists on “keepin’ it real”—even if that means bringing a nine-year-old fan to tears. The third is a drunken prankster who pisses off patriots by doing something akin to flag burning.

It’s called “The Game of Consequences” and pretty soon hundreds of thousands of anonymous citizens are playing. At the end of each day, whoever has the most #DeathTo mentions gets killed by the automated drone bees.

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