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The climate crisis is a study in hysteria

The climate crisis is a study in hysteria 

The climate crisis and the hysteria that has been manufactured can only be in resolved by the ones who constructed the crisis and hysteria in the first place: climate activists, global elitists, and the politicians who have tried to legitimize the issue throughout the halls of government.

Recently, the 16-year-old Swedish climate activist, Greta Thunberg, was on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. What was interesting was that Noah inquired about the “great divide” between the generations on the subject of climate change. Well Mr. Noah, when you’re looking for a leak, you locate the source. The “great divide” is due to the difference in our education system now compared to the past. We live in an era where unelected globalists and young influencers have been meticulously propped as gods walking among us. 

Elevating kids, like Greta, who have been given talking points and a platform to shout them from is not fair. It’s not fair to the child’s future or to those who follow along seeking to do good.

Climate hysteria—as opposed to facts— is taught in educational institutions. And it’s not just our universities and colleges that promote panic, it is taught from kindergarten to high school through secondary education. The talking points of climate hysteria are repeated ad-naseum so that those holding to a political agenda of complete “government control” can secure their votes in the next generation of activists that have been raised in this politically correct climate.

Is it any wonder that it is those in school (indoctrination stations) are all up in arms about the climate? It’s not difficult to pinpoint the source of these spring chickens’ angst. Some say scientifically proven fact like biological sex is a “social construct.” It’s not. This climate crisis is a “social construct.”

Young people gathered in Washington DC and called on the government to “fix climate change.” What’s curious is the reason why they formed their narrative around the government “fixing climate change”? Because that too is taught. Discussing self-governance and responsibility and the benefits they bring to the individual, as well as others, is no longer a part of the discussion. Oh no, a much simpler approach is given—to hand over all responsibilities to our biggest brother, BIG government.

One presenter at the “youth-led” climate rally screamed: “We are not here to talk about our sacrifices, our doom and gloom, or not existing. We are here to create! We are creating this movement every day because every day of non-action drives more action!” 

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