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The cancelled have created a counterculture of redemption
Cancel culture

The cancelled have created a counterculture of redemption 

There is increased attention to the phenomenon of cancel culture recently. In part, it’s because our society has reached critical cancelled mass and the people who have been taken down by their communities are refusing to stay down. There are those among this group of cancelled people who actively wish they had not done or said the thing that took them down, the not-crime but definitely sin that led their friends and colleagues to ditch them, and there are those who would definitely do it again. What no one could have known is that a new culture of the cancelled would emerge, and that there would be no way to get back what was lost.

For a while the cancelled were keeping a low profile, keeping their heads down, trying to stay out of everyone’s way for fear they would bring more shame upon themselves or the people who were kind enough to still love and care about them. The cancelling thing is rough on friendships, relationships, kids and parents. Everyone in the orbit of a cancelled person feels the sting of their humiliation. And for the person experiencing the drastic life-altering event, the weight can be difficult to bear up under. While society is intent on decreasing shame in some areas with regard to sex and sexual activity, it’s been heaping it on in others. 

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