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The Alberta NDP Hits New Low With Fear Mongering Ads

The NDP has been instigating and utilizing fear for months now, especially considering the way in which the UCP MLAs have voted on past bills, i.e. by twisting the exact words of their leader Jason Kenney.

For instance, we hear every day of belligerent trash talk in the legislature, as almost every question they’ve asked, someone relates it back to the UCP’s “outing gay kids.” Now they have taken their petty crusade to Instagram ads, to try and vilify the United Conservatives.

It seems as if the only thing the NDP has got going for them, is the apparent ‘moral high ground’ they cling onto in every situation, largely because ALL conservatives are racist, sexist, gay-hating, bigots… And that is how they think they’ll win in subsequent elections, i.e. by portraying false stereotypes of conservatives, to entice and scare people away from voting UCP, because if you do “people will die’ as Rachel Notley had noted.

The policies that the NDP have implemented have crippled Alberta’s business sector, as the province has seen $40 Billion dollars of investment leave Alberta to go south of the border. People are currently scared to innovate with small businesses because of the risk associated with increased taxes and regulations. For instance, companies continue to pack their bags and leave downtown Calgary, as the city retains an office vacancy rate of 30%. The prices of home heating, groceries, and gas have made life unaffordable for many Albertans. Workers are being bullied and coerced into joining the province’s unions, that they evidently want the freedom to opt out of.

So what do you do if you can’t win an election based on your policies?

Stand on the backs of the LGBTQ2A+ community of course… and shout your virtue signalling rhetoric as loud as you possibly can. “

We won’t blow up hospitals like the members opposite. “We won’t out gay kids like the members opposite.” “People will die.” That’s the NDP’s platform right now.

The NDP cries wolf every single time. However, I have yet to encounter this ‘Conservative monster’, and it seems more likely, that the Party has created this ‘monster’ using their own abstract imaginations, bearing no resemblance to modern reality. I for example, witnessed the

UCP hosting a Pride breakfast with the low and behold devil himself Jason Kenney in attendance, and they weren’t outing gay kids. What a shocker right?.

To go along with this Instagram ad campaign, third-party group Progress Alberta is now also putting out ads which largely strongly hinted that a vote for Jason Kenney is the same thing as a vote for Donald Trump.

This isn’t the first time the NDP has made this abstract connection between the two as Notley has said before that Jason wants to “build a wall around Alberta.”

It’s hard to see a resemblance between Trump’s right-wing populism and Kenney’s classic British conservatism. We’ve seen Trump introduce protectionist policies which go against Canadian conservative values. Along with foolish spending such as building a 20+ Billion dollar border wall. Or his controversial comments calling for a ban on all Muslims entering the US.

As a previous immigration minister, Kenney’s name is on thousands of new Canadian’s citizenship cards and he even created a special order that accepted hundreds of LGBTQ+ Iranian refugees while they were fleeing for their lives.

Truth be told Kenney is a much more welcoming, compassionate, and inclusive individual that the President of the United States who is a firecracker that says exactly what he thinks, which is why he is such a polarizing figure.

The connection between Trump and Kenney is dismal. They both exercise very different types of right-wing politics and each have a very different way of conducting themselves.

Well, you can add this to the list of bizarre comparisons and outlandish statements the NDP have used in order to gain votes based on hate.

Fortunately I have faith in everyday Albertans that they’re smart enough to look past the hateful, misleading rhetoric that the NDP has been pushing, and instead, see the discrepancies in it all.

The 2019 election will be one that’ll define the future of Alberta for decades. A choice between fiscal responsibility or out of control spending, between freedom of choice or forced compliance, between a message of inclusivity and compassion, or of hate and fear mongering.

The final question is; can the NDP win an election by riding on the backs of minorities and spewing false messages of fear? I don’t believe that Albertans are naive enough to fall for that!


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