Terrorists’ rights are defended while Canadians’ rights are trampled

On January 10th, 2018, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defended his decision to give convicted terrorist Omar Khadr a cheque totaling $10,500,000.

Canada, Terrorism, and Rights

On January 10th, 2018, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defended his decision to give convicted terrorist Omar Khadr a cheque totaling $10,500,000.

The Prime Minister commented:

“That is not how we do things in Canada,” Trudeau said in reference to the violation of Khadr’s rights. “In Canada, we defend everyone’s rights, whether or not we agree with them.”

So, let’s dive into a debate about whether or not we actually defend everyone’s rights.

There is the case of several pro-life groups in Canada who are presently suing the federal government over their decision to make it mandatory for groups to accept LGBTQ+ rights and abortion in order to get federal grants.

This is a clear violation of conscience by the federal government. While I am pro-choice and gay, I believe that this policy is deplorable and needs to be repealed by the current government. This is also a clear example of why Trudeau’s statement during the Hamilton, Ontario town-hall where less than truthful.

We as a country stomped on the rights of Ukrainians during World War 1, used the Residential School system and systemic racism towards indigenous Canadians, created the Oriental Head Tax & Chinese Immigration Act of 1923, mistreated Japanese Canadians during World War 2, forced Inuit Canadians our of their homes during the Cold War, and even today the Quebec government continues to discriminate against Anglophones.

These are just some of the terrible instances in which Canada or its provinces have over-stepped the rights of the individual.

So where was the government then to defend the rights of Canadians at the time?

Nowhere to be found!

So why was Omar Khadr given special treatment?
One will never know.

His rights should’ve been taken away from him the moment he left Canada to go and fight with Al-Queda. In fact, Khadr’s sister Zaynab (who was married to Joshua Boyle) has said in response to the 9/11 terrorist attack on New York City that:

“sometimes innocent people pay the price. You don’t want to feel happy, but you just sort of think, well, they deserve it, they’ve been doing it for such a long time. Why shouldn’t they feel it once in a while?”

The Khadr’s are in their own words “an Al-Queda family” which leaves me wondering why Omar Khadr deserves this $10,500,000 with absolutely ZERO conditions attached?

It begs the question, are some people’s rights worth more to Justin Trudeau than others?

If so, it’s a sad day in Canada.

The rights of all Canadians need to be respected, but at this moment it feels like those who have done nothing for Canada and even provide outright discontent will receive every benefit, while those who truly care are left in the cold.


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  1. Justin Trudeau believes gays & vets are to be used for selfie moments 4 personal/political gain. Falsely accused of sexual assault by my superiors, publicly outed, shamed and tossed out of the military for mental health problems resulting, still fighting DND for vindication and mental health support, so far they will not even respond to an e-mail from me. Totally and completely ignored by Justin Trudeau. Harjit Sajjan and Seamus O’Regan. But, terror tourists and jihadi sympathizers get the VIP treatment at the PMO by Justin Trudeau, injured vet? Omar gets paid for having his rights violated, but a Canadian vet with 32 years in the Forces is kicked out for mental problems resulting from a false sexual assault investigation that completely destroyed my career gets shown the curb. Not a chance, not selfie worthy #oprjr https://twitter.com/rjrbdn/status/949698377536692224

  2. Wow… you want gay rights but other people having rights is not part of your plan? What an asshole!!! Just because someone is a terrorist doesn’t mean their human rights shouldn’t be respected

Jordan Kent

Jordan is a University of Ottawa student who believes through hard work and determination a real difference can be made.

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