14-year-old Carson Crimeni of Langley, B.C. is dead after a suspected overdose at a skate park. The overdose was witnessed by many who did nothing to prevent his death, instead choosing to film Carson’s final moments and taunt him before posting the videos to social media, reports CTV News.

“Even just the smallest thought that a call to 911 a couple hours earlier could have changed the whole story is devastating. It really is,” Carson’s father, Aron Crimeni told reporters. “I just would expect when people see somebody in danger to do something to help them.”

It is unclear what Carson took that lead to his overdose, but the BC Coroners Service, as well as the Langley RCMP and the Independent Investigations are currently investigating.

The overdose took place Wednesday, early in the afternoon, but 911 wasn’t called until roughly 10 p.m. when Carson’s body was found unresponsive. Witnesses say that Carson was seen in nearby areas after taking whatever caused his death before returning to the skate park where he was taunted and filmed.

A vigil was later held near the skate park and attended by friends and family.

“Carson was a really beautiful kid,” said Chantelle Griffiths, Carson’s mother. “He really was. He was special. He was loving.”

According to CTV News, Walnut Grove Secondary School sent the following email to students following the death:

We cannot anticipate how far-reaching the impact of this news may be on staff and students. Recognizing that this is difficult subject matter to discuss with your child, we ask for families to share this news with their children. It is important that each family handle this with their child in their own unique way.

Investigators are now trying to find the boys who were with Carson in his final moments and his father is optimistic that those involved will be held accountable.