TAGHVA: Union representing Canadian journalists declares itself the resistance to Andrew Scheer

Jerry Dias the National President for Unifor, a private trade-union recently posted on his Twitter the following photo declaring his team as resistance to Andrew Scheer.

The post went as far as to describe Unifor as “Andrew’s worst nightmare.”

A breach in ethics

While certainly entertaining the post opens up a serious can of worms as Unifor represents over 13,000 Canadian journalists.

For years many have argued that Canada’s mainstream press maintain a centre-left bias, this post only goes to further that sentiment in a dangerous way.

It opens up more arguments that the Conservatives will never have a fair shake from the mainstream press, and opens us up to the same terrible relationship that exists in the states between the Republicans and media.

Journalists and politicians alike have already begun calling out this purely partisan play, with individuals like David Akin commenting “I am a member of this union as a condition of my employment and I cannot stress enough how stupid an idea this is for a union that represents journalists. FWIW: I am committed to reporting vigorously and comprehensively on all third-party political spending”

While putting journalists in an ethical grey-zone, the post also brings up the second problem.

Why is Unifor actively campaigning against the Conservative party when at this moment it is the Liberals who are in power?

You would assume that the Union would actively attempt to pressure the employer rather than the competition to the employer.

But hey, what else could you expect from an organization that actively puts out videos exposing “scabs” online.

Videos that stir fear by putting the lives of individuals simply trying to provide ends meet at danger by exposing their identities to thousands of angry individuals online.

What do you think about this recent Tweet? Join the conversation by commenting below!

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