Syrian refugee allegedly charged with 13-year-old girl’s death

The murder of Marissa Shen, the 13-year-old girl that went missing last year, is a crime the police have now solved. Yet, the circumstances are burdening.

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CBC reports that 17 months ago, Ibrahim Ali came to Canada as a refugee from Syria looking to build a new foundation in a vibrant Western democracy.

Some would say that immigration policies should be harsher than they are, but regardless of their rigidity, was Canada too lenient in letting Ali through?

Arrested for allegedly murdering a young Canadian girl who went missing July 18, 2017, Ali, 28, was charged with first-degree murder of the 13-year-old Marissa Shen.  

The body of the young girl was found the morning after she went missing in Burnaby’s Central Park.

Authorities did not release details regarding the manner in which she was killed, or if she had been sexually assaulted.

The Superintendent with the Integrated Homicide Investigative Team (IHIT), Donna Richardson commented on the matter:

“We still believe this crime was a random act, as far as motive is concerned… I am not able to discuss these matters in order to protect future judicial procedures.”

Richardson claims that IHIT conducted 600 interviews, with an investigation into over 2000 persons of interest, and reviews of over one thousand hours of video footage.

But, authorities claim that they only became aware of Ali a couple of weeks ago, and as Richardson explains, she would not discuss whether “there was a key piece of evidence, it was a culmination of a number of things.”

Police were under the impression that the murder was a “random act”, after releasing a profile of the person they believed was the criminal.  

Random act?  Is it maybe time authorities look into the ethics of the people the government is bringing into Canada, before they go ahead and do so?  The whole spin by the CBC article demonstrates that the man had no criminal record prior to the murder.

Maybe, the government needs to be more thorough when admitting migrants into Canada.



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