An interesting new story on found that the interior ministers of German states will discuss and vote on a proposal to repatriate Syrian refugees once their asylum status ended.

“later this week, the interior ministers of the German states will be discussing, and voting on, a proposal to begin forcibly repatriating Syrian refugees once their asylum status lapses — as early as next June.”

While the move is considered unlikely to pass right now one thing is obvious. After so many years of war, government troops have won back around 70% of the country – an area home to some 78% of Syrians. ISIS and the Rebels are both losing rapidly to Bashar al-Assad’s forces and in the long-term states will have to decide when it is safe for the 5 million asylum seekers abroad to return.

As it stands now over 500,000 Syrian refugees (31,000 from abroad) have returned home voluntarily as the nation slowly returns to stability. Power is returning to Syria’s most destroyed cities, and Assad’s allies such as Russia pledge billions to help rebuild the struggling nation.

The nation is certainly not comfortable but neither was Britan towards the end of world war II and that nation rebuilt due to the hard work of its people and from investments abroad.

I’d argue that the best way forward for all nations now would be to help end this bitter war as soon as possible, and to send real aid to Syria. The refugee crises is a problem both for the refugees and the nations that accept them.

As firstly most Syrians struggle to adapt to their new European lives. While secondly, the costs to the hosting country would be far lower if we helped create an environment which allowed refugees to return home rather than to stay as refugees indefinitely.

So let’s take the moral, cost-effective, and smart choice. Let’s make Syria safe instead of spending billions to barely make a dent in helping the millions of refugees worldwide.


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