Sunny Ways Look To Be One and Done

Justin Trudeau's majority government is in serious trouble. During its first 18 months in government, his party enjoyed a seemingly endless honeymoon period. The public was willing to ignore Justin's flippant replies to serious concerns.

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Justin Trudeau’s majority government is in serious trouble. During its first 18 months in government, his party enjoyed a seemingly endless honeymoon period. The public was willing to ignore Justin’s flippant replies to serious concerns.

Perhaps there was nostalgia for Pierre Trudeau’s time in office. The difference between father and son is that behind Pierre’s seeming nonchalance was a serious mind with a vision for how to change Canada for the better. While people may not have agreed with Pierre’s vision, no one questioned that he had a vision for the country.

Justin presents a more charismatic public image than even his father, but there is nothing behind his vision. There is no substance to Justin Trudeau. The difference between Justin and Pierre can be seen in their respective cabinets. As discussed in a recent Toronto Sun column:

“Pierre’s cabinet included his day’s brightest politicians. As to Justin, his cabinet resembles a mix of recycled politicians from long ago combined with too many newbies biased towards smiley face diversity, not competence. “

The weakness of Justin’s cabinet flows from the lack of substance behind the man making the choices. Bill Morneau may have seemed like a good choice, but that is because Justin clearly didn’t understand the true nature of the finance portfolio. The Minister of finance is much more a political portfolio than anything else. Morneau had the public image of what a good finance minister should be. However, Morneau’s lack of political experience has lead to the numerous problems.

What does the future look like for Justin?

Justin Trudeau achieved one of two major life goals in 2015. He matched his father’s major accomplishment by becoming prime minister. Yet Justin seems very unlikely to surpass his father.

As Pierre Trudeau was unable to win two consecutive majority governments. If current trends hold then it is unlikely that Trudeau will even win a second election as leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Justin was elected as a direct response to Stephen Harper. Harper provided competent government, but the public did not take to his dour public persona. Justin originally provided a happy face that masked his lack of qualifications to serve as prime minister. As Trudeau is facing troubled times his sunny disposition fades way leaving little for the public to find appealing in his government.

There are serious problems facing the Trudeau Liberals. From the same column in the Toronto Sun:

“Unfortunately for Justin, the Trump world Canada now faces is one of falling U.S. taxes, cheaper energy prices, and tougher trade policies. Clueless, his advisors are pushing the opposite way.”

Donald Trump was elected in large part due to a perception among American voters that the United States has been taken advantage of in trade negotiations. The Trudeau Liberals do not seem to grasp the real possibility that Trump could choose to terminate NAFTA.

The end of NAFTA will have a serious detrimental impact on Canada’s economy. Trudeau’s advisors are not reacting with necessary concern about the potential end of NAFTA.

The electorate tires of politicians after about a decade in office when they are competent and run good governments. Jean Chretien and Stephen Harper both served for about ten years in office. Justin Trudeau has not been competent and has not run a good government.

Unless Justin turns things around quickly he will face the historical shame of being a one and done prime minister.


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  1. I hope so. I experienced daddy Pierre s rule as PM. An arrogant self centered egotistical clown, just like Junior. He needs to go in 2019 for the good of Canada.

  2. The 90’s we suffered high interest rates following the years of Trudeaus speanding sprees , but I am sure it was nothing like what we have expiernced with sunny ways . Recovering from this idiot will teach all the mellemials never to trust the future Trudeau’s .

Burt Schoeppe

Burt is a dedicated CPA based in Edmonton. When not at work assessing financial competencies he can be found cheering for the Oilers or the Redskins. In terms of the economy, he advocates for fiscal responsibility at all levels of government.

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