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Striking Ontario teachers REFUSE to send report cards to parents
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Striking Ontario teachers REFUSE to send report cards to parents 

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Striking elementary teachers in Ontario are refusing to produce the normal report cards or send them to parents, due to the ongoing work-to-rule action.

In a statement produced by the Toronto District School Board, they reminded everyone that “ETFO members have been engaged in legal job action, which includes sanctions related to report cards.”

They went on to add that, “as per the sanctions, teachers will not complete term one report cards … [nor] undertake the role of report card administrator … [nor] file the progress report.”

As well as this, the Toronto District School Board informed it’s members that the teachers will also not conduct parent-teacher interviews, creating severe disruptions for parents.

These latest disruptions follow a long list of strike action that teachers have been engaging in throughout the province. Teachers, for instance, have been conducting “rotating strikes,” thereby forcing parents to look after their children who would otherwise be in school.

In response to the strikes in the province, Premier Doug Ford vowed to compensate parents who would have otherwise felt the financial strain. Ford offered parents up to $60 a day, depending on the age of the child and other factors.

Despite concessions from the Ontario government, the negotiations between the teacher’s unions and the government have remained acrimonious.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story stated that teacher’s were refusing to issue any report card at all. Teachers are providing school administrators with a skeleton report, which parents will not see. The Post Millennial regrets the error.

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