Why Trudeaus shadow boxing of Harper isn’t working

Over the last three months, Canada’s resident boxing Prime Minister has gone from the national champion, with a 100 - 0 win streak, to a panting and aged man fighting the ghost of his former ringmate.

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Over the last three months, Canada’s resident boxing Prime Minister has gone from the national champion, with a 100 – 0 win streak, to a panting and aged man fighting the ghost of his former ringmate.

Gone is the anti-Harper hero, and its place we have the same aged and blind ideology that I would argue many despised towards the end of the Harper government.  

Instead, we have a Prime Minister who says this one moment:

“We will stand up for women’s rights. We will defend women’s rights and the rights of the LGBTQ community.”

Than supports radical groups a moment later as earlier this week, Toronto Sun columnist Candice Malcolm reported that “according to a government database of grant recipients, the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) has been approved to receive ten grants to fund activities for its various chapters across Ontario. MAC’s Mississauga chapter is listed as receiving three separate grants.”

The Problem With Funding This Group With Public Money?

The MAC has a history of dealing with Muslim Brotherhood front groups who do not believe in the separation of church and state; furthermore, “[i]n a video released by B’nai B’rith, MAC Imam Tarek Ramadan is seen referring to Israelis as ‘an impure gang,’ saying that ‘Zionists’ are the ‘worst of mankind’”.

Not An Isolated Case

The Summer Jobs Program has become surrounded with controversy since the government started to revoke funding from certain groups for openly political reasons. This has caused funding decisions made by the program to come under closer scrutiny, and this is the third problematic case found to date.

So Why Is This Occurring?

In my view, the Prime Minister and his cabinet have put on their political blinders hoping to score the only victory he knows how.

Buoyed by a large majority government in 2015 (a result of only 39% of the vote) the Liberal cabinet now believes that their sole purpose is to dismantle or completely reverse every single policy the Harper government stood for, through real action or simple language, regardless of consequences that they may bring about.

On the economy where Harper was perhaps too austere, the Liberals have responded with opening Canadas pocketbook soo far that it may break.

On religion where the Harper government was friendly towards the Christian faith, Trudeau has reversed course and now supports … well, every radical group while ignoring relatively moderate Christian organizations.

On oil where the Harper government pushed for pipeline expansion bringing with it 1.7 million barrels of production per day, and so, in turn, the Liberals now use government funds to pay anti-pipeline protesters.

The Problem With This Tactic?

It’s 2018, and Harpers government has not been in power for 3 years. Therefore people are finding it harder and harder to accept the extreme actions taken by their government, as there is simply no big bad wolf to repudiate and that is extremely dangerous.

The Liberal government will now face an election based on their governance, not just how well they speak, but how good they are at making the lives of average Canadians better.

Ideology without vision or direction is only leading to higher gas bills to pay, less competitive companies to work for, and more taxes to push already hurting families further into the ground – the very same reason why Canadian voters grew tired of Harper just one election ago.”

It’s time the Prime Minister woke up and understood his own slogan, that a repudiation of Harper is not a solid vision for Canada’s tomorrow, and that by continuing to go down this road he will likely face the same fate as his previously vanquished foe.

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  1. Cannot wait until this dishonest liberal government is gone. Hoping that the damage they have done and keep on doing can be repaired.

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