Stephen Colbert Goes Too Far With A Nazi Joke

Colbert found it humorous to throw the Nazi salute.

Stephan Colbert
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Comedy in Poor Taste

Stephen Colbert has no human decency and neither does his audience. He resorts to the vilest and nastiest jokes for the proverbial cheap laugh. Last week Colbert made a Nazi salute as a ‘joke’. According to Time, the lead into the joke was an interview with former Trump advisor Steve Bannon on the Charlie Rose show:

He played a clip of Bannon talking about the issue with Rose, in which the former chief strategist says he was “the only guy that came out and tried to defend [Trump].” “I was the only guy that said, ‘He’s talking about something, taking it up to a higher level,” he adds in the clip.The camera then panned back to Colbert, who smirked: “Yeah he’s definitely taking it up to a higher level.” The comedian then lifted his right up into the air – demonstrating a Nazi salute.

That Colbert found it humorous to throw the Nazi salute is disgusting. As reported by the Daily Beast, Colbert then repeated the gesture in the same bit:

“Yeah, he’s definitely taking it to a higher level. I’d say his support is about up there. Right around here,” said Colbert, delivering the Nazi salute. “Or over here,” he added, delivering another mock Nazi salute. “Somewhere up there.”

As previously discussed, Colbert is motivated by the most basic of personal instincts:

The wealth and fame that accrues to Colbert because of his leadership of the resistance is clearly his primary motivation. He doesn’t care about credibility. His audience is clearly unable to think for themselves. Colbert’s mentor, Jon Stewart, mocked the intelligence of his audience. Neither the audience, nor Colbert, took offence to Stewart’s joke. Eventually public opinion will turn away from Stephen Colbert. At that point Colbert’s fifteen minutes of fame will deservedly come to an end. Hopefully, this really bad week marks the beginning of the end for Colbert.

Recent Endeavours

Colbert’s most recent offensive action hasn’t been met with outrage by progressives. The utter hypocrisy of progressives over Colbert’s previous actions apply to this most recent outrage:

When progressives give Colbert a pass on his actions because of who the target of his attacks is they miss the point.

Entertainment Weekly pointed to yet another instance of Colbert using the Nazis as the basis for an anti-Trump joke:

Colbert has attacked Trump throughout his presidency and has previously used Nazi iconography to mock the president. Back in 2016, before Trump was even elected, Colbert drew a swastika to joke about Trump’s response to the Orlando, Florida massacre at a gay nightclub that left 49 dead.

The tide has begun to turn on the reprehensible behaviour of the hypocritical liberals who despise Trump. The thuggish tactics of Antifa have been denounced by no less a liberal icon than Nancy Pelosi.

Eventually, there will be a backlash at the despicable behaviour of Colbert. Jokes using making light of Nazi atrocities is truly despicable behaviour.

Hopefully, when the backlash against Colbert comes it deprives him of the fame and wealth he has accrued thanks to his horrible behaviour.


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