Statement in Response to Premier Ford’s Reduction of Toronto City Council

I welcome this change!

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This morning, Premier Doug Ford announced his plan to reduce the size of Toronto City Council from the upcoming 47 councillors, all the way down to 25…a near 50% reduction. The move as stated would save Toronto taxpayers millions while more constituents would be able to hold their councillor to account. It also puts into question some councillors who have been used to their position as a “job for life”. This ends today.

While the initial reaction was swift and met with anger, I for one, welcome this change. As an advocate for smaller government and respect for taxpayers, this not only reduces the size of government, it also matches the Toronto Ward Map, with the federal and provincial electoral districts. I stated early in my campaign, that Downsview would get change one way or another…this is a gateway to that change.

In light of this decision, I welcome the existing challengers from ward 10, including incumbent James Pasternak into the race for the new complete ward of York Centre. I look forward to debating local and citywide issues, as well as this, within the ward at upcoming events.

Moby Hargoe, Candidate for Ward 9 – York Centre


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  1. Seriously? A would-be dictator makes major changes IN THE MIDDLE of an election campaign already in progress, running roughshod over the wishes and opinions of the people, and without ANY consultation or analysis, and this Moby Hargoe person actually supports this anti-democratic action? People should take his opinions into consideration before even thinking of voting for him.

    1. aaaawwwwwww is the poor little snowflake offended?? get over it.. dont be angry that the gravy train is coming to a stop… lmfao!!!!!

mawubi hargoe

Mawubi is a Ghanaian, Italian, Ironworker by trade, frequent traveler, and proud progressive conservative. He is a Toronto resident and a keen observer of municipal politics.
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