Social Media Manager Job Description

Thank you for your interest in the Social Media Manager position at The Post Millennial.

Please find the job description and application instructions below.

The Post Millennial is seeking a Social Media Manager to lead the social marketing components of The Post Millennial’s social media presence.

This is an opportunity to work with one of the fastest growing Canadian news outlets and play a leading role in the planning, executing and controlling stages of The Post Millennial’s social media strategy.

As a Social Media Manager you will directly manage the overall social strategy across all platforms to drive social growth, create positive social engagement and create opportunities for press/attention to the brand.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Develop the overall organic and paid social strategy for The Post Millennial across social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.
  • Creating and scheduling unique and interactive posts across social media networks
  • Maintaining and evolving The Post Millennial’s social brand voice, look, and feel on
    all platforms by interacting with commenters and conducting public relations
  • Identify new and work closely with existing social media partners to cross-promote key
    posts and maximize impact
  • Continuously improves individual channel social media marketing strategies by learning
    from past data
  • Identifying first to market opportunities on new and fast-growing social media platforms


  • 1+ year of experience driving successful social strategy for a popular media company
  • Expert understanding of how to effectively create and distribute content on all major social platforms
  • Knowledge of social media planning, organic and paid social promotion
  • Artistically inclined with demonstrated proficiency in Photoshop, Adobe Premiere skills,
    Adobe Illustrator, Canva and/or other design tools
  • Impeccable grammar, writing and communication skills
  • Understanding of content promotion features across all platforms
  • Detail oriented and intrinsically motivated to take action
  • Quick learner and initiative taker who enjoys an energetic work environment
  • A passion for Canadian politics, business, and science preferred

About The Post Millennial

The Post Millennial is a Canadian news publication founded in August 2017 and is one of the fastest growing news corporations in Canada. We reach over 250,000 Canadians evenly spread across age groups 25-65+ every month and are growing rapidly every month. The Post Millennial is based out of Montreal, Canada.

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