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Social Justice Warrior Completely Misses The Point On Why So Many Care About Humboldt Broncos

Can we no longer just grieve?

It seems like today with every cause comes with an asterisk. Someone popping up to tell us to feel bad about the fact that we feel bad.

The most recent case of this?

See this gross and poorly timed comment by Nora Loreto.

Nora’s following tweet was that “I don’t want less for the families and survivors of this tragedy. I want justice and more for so many other grieving parents and communities”.

Unfortunately, I struggle to see how she could be attempting anything other than the delegitimization of a national tragedy on the basis of the most disgusting and divisive identity politics. When Nora points out the whiteness, the youthfulness, or the maleness of the victims, how can she be doing anything other than trying to undermine the nation’s sympathy?

Furthermore, it seems like Nora has missed out on why so many Canadians are so aggrieved about this story.

It’s not because they are white or male.

It’s because they were young and on a team trip. Regardless of your gender, age, or skill level, that is a kind of experience to which most Canadians can relate very well.

It doesn’t matter that it was hockey match; it could have easily been a football tournament, a chess competition, or a Model UN conference.

Many of us remember the sometimes frightening drives in the middle of storms, just to experience what we loved with our teams.

I personally never felt safer, and I know some of the happiest moments for my family were during those many competitions.

To now see 15 lives taken during such a relatable moment… well that truly hits home. To now undermine that pain for the sake of identity politics is simply disgusting, and frankly I would claim that it is out of touch with the vast majority of Canadians.

If Nora wishes to advocate for unrelated causes, then she should stick to that instead of attempting to take cynical advantage of the sex, age, and race of the victims of a truly national tragedy. This is not a zero-sum game where her causes can only win by undermining everything else. It’s not always about you.

*Update: Since the time I wrote this Macleans has made a public statement. It notes that Nora was a freelancer and not an employee.

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  • I never heard of her or her name in the past so I really don't know why yet another feminazi gets attention...

    • By trivializing her to a label you perpetuate the same unfeeling hatefulness she does by reducing young lost lives and their grieving survivors to unhelpful name-calling.

      • She's trivialized herself by inserting her disgusting and racist social agenda into a national tragedy in which 16 innocent people lost their lives and even more suffered life changing injuries. Their race, gender and age are irrelevant.

  • One of the best aspects of freedom of speech is that it gives repulsive bigots like Nora the platform to vent their toxic ignorance openly for all the world to see. Now everyone who reads that will know who what sort of petty low-life they're dealing with when they interact with her.

    Thanks, free speech!

  • It gets worse. A CNN post had a man who was clearly African-American, basically stated that 15 whites being killed in this tragic collision, was a "good" thing. Perhaps Ms. Feminazi should get together with the CNN poster.

  • I could not agree more with this article. How does someone ever think that they are going to raise their cause by tearing others down -- especially people who are already down in a sense. This woman seems very oblivious and unfeeling of anything outside of her own personal priorities.

  • I cannot believe, and also find it unimaginable, unfathomable, and reprehensible, how bitter, gratuitous, and narcissistic this woman is!!!

    She is totally out of touch with reality!! Please, please, not mention her name ever again!! She is obviously seeking notoriety. If we never hear her name spoken again ever, the better!

  • Bye, bye, Nora ~~ you are despicable.
    Go the US ~ there is a need for your pap down in the Divided States of America... you'll fit right in.

  • How does a white woman come to hate her own race so much?

    What the left has done to the minds of the last few generations is despicable.

    In a healthy, normal society this woman would be institutionalized and treated for mental illness. In our polarized, sick world she is the voice of half the people.

    Looking at some of her other tweets it becomes clear as day that she exits in a universe of hate, anger, victimhood, self perceived heroism and martyrdom, and that there is no fixing what is wrong with her, ever.

    I think Karma will address the dark, negative energy she puts into the world and I can't say I'm heart broken about that. ...

  • I can't improve on the comments above. She makes my heart hurt. I hope she disappears from all media foever.

  • The woman has no idea what these young men have given to get to the level they were competing at. Not all of them were born with a silver spoon in their mouth and even those who were had to earn their place on that team. It is not a bought position. She doesn't understand how strong a bond this team has formed. Young, of course they are! Male? It's a male hockey team. In Canada, most young boys dream of playing hockey in the NHL and some of these young men will make that dream come true. Some of them don't have that chance anymore. Nora would be wise to stick to subjects she knows something about.

  • It's just pure hatred and they don't even try to hide it. Can you feel the hate yet, white person?

  • I think maybe it was a poorly thought out comment. I mean everyone is human and makes mistakes. Lets try to remember that. Forgive and move on. Put our minds and hearts where they need to be instead of focusing on these types of remarks.

  • Unfortunately she was not raised to understand compassion, or for that matter common sense. She is an example of how some people were raised without empathy. I feel sorry for her, she is so confused. Every person on that bus had so many qualities that she clearly lacks.

  • As a Mexican immigrant and hockey mum she obviously does not live in the same country I chose to call home, she has forgotten all the people that Canadians and Canada have helped from Cambodia, Chile, Rwanda, Haiti and Syria just to mention some, the fact that she has never heard the “ there is a time and a place “ concept does not apply to this person, she must be hurting deep Inside to make such haineous comments, and obviously show that she has the empathy of a clam. My mum always said you give what you are , I do t think I need to say what she is , we all know!

    • You speak the truth. Canada is a diverse nation. Did Nora personally divine the "whiteness" of each player with her infinite wisdom? I think not. I've grown up in Northern Saskatchewan and have lived in all corners of this province. Race and color do not always go hand in hand! I have "European/Caucasian" friends and they are darker skinned than our mutual Metis friends! If more people realized how mixed we are becoming maybe we could shed our prejudices sooner. Nora must live in a very sheltered bubble indeed. To bad we could not inject that bubble with empathy and tact.

  • I can’t help but notice she completely ignores reasonable tweets that ask her to simply take a step back and self-reflect on why her tweet was perhaps ill timed and insensitive, while at the same time acknowledging that the hateful and abusive comments directed at her are uncalled for. She has zero interest in honest dialogue and only responds to and takes screen shots of all the vile comments. I submit that she doesn’t respond to intelligent and legitimate critism because she knows she doesn’t have a good defense for her incredibly inappropriate tweet

  • People like Nora Loreto make me sad and worried about the state of our society. Our species have a pretty dismal record on this planet and we must see people like Nora, Donald Trump and so may others as harbingers of a failed society, not individuals who are somehow at fault by their own accord. We have to own this as a societal problem. Mother Nature bats last and I feel like shes had enough.

  • This is the same women that tweet that "white men are the worst thing orbiting the sun" it's hard not to see how much a racist she is. I can live with her awful tweet after seeing some of her past tweets, what I can't understand is places like the CBC defending what she said. I guess Nora forgot about the Haiti earthquake where Canadians raised over 13 million, not many young white males there... identity politics is a losing proposition for every one.

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