Snover Dhillon Claims Innocence As Questions Remain Over His Relationship to Ford

Dhillon confirmed the authenticity of these photos but maintains he does not have a close relationship with Ford.

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A prominent PC fundraiser is claiming to be a victim of character assassination by the media and the PC party over his alleged involvement in the breach of the 407 database. The scandal has PC leader Doug Ford playing defence in the run-up to the June 7 provincial election.

Questions arose when recent revelations showed that a data breach of the private 407 highway was connected to D-Media, which is owned by Dhillon. Simmer Sandhu, candidate for Brampton East and a former 407 employee, denies involvement in the theft and has since resigned as a PC candidate.

The National Post reported yesterday that Dhillon was given the data, but that the outlet could not determine its original source. The Post Millennial spoke with Dhillon last night, who said it was Sandhu who provided him with the 407 data, but that he did not know at the time that it had been improperly obtained.

The National Post also said Sandhu gave the data to one other unnamed candidate. Dhillon has since told The Post Millennial that it was Brampton Centre candidate, Harjit Jaswal, who is also a client of Dhillon’s. When asked about his role in the distribution of the 407 data by the Post Millennial, Simmer Sandhu responded, “You will have to speak with my lawyer.”

As far as the allegations against Dhillon are concerned, the conservative organizer maintains his innocence. He also accuses the media of engaging in character assassination. “Does the media have any proof? Global Media, the Toronto Star, the National Post – anybody? I’m telling them to give it to the RCMP, give it to the police, tell them to investigate it. And if there is no proof, then pay our damages. Pay whatever amount for the character assassination they did when they mentioned my name.”

Dhillon has become persona non grata among the PC party establishment, a stark departure from his former reputation as being one of the most valued fundraisers for the party elite.

Snover DHillon and Prince Edward-Hastings MPP, Todd Smith

He has previously fundraised for Nepean-Carlton MPP, Lisa Macleod, as well as various other PC candidates. Party members have spent the last week distancing themselves from Dhillon and have downplayed his importance to the party’s organizational effort.

For example, Lisa Macleod claimed in press scrum earlier this year: “I don’t know Snover Dhillon” – Post Question Period Scrum March 21, 2018

Dhillion contradicts the Nepean-Carlton MPP commenting:

“Lisa MacLeod knows me personally. We did a lot of fundraisers for Lisa MacLeod.”

Dhillon, who over the past 15 years has raised party funds and has managed several conservative campaigns, says that Ford is correct to say that the two do not know each other. He said that the two of them have met a “many times at functions and fundraisers”, including at Ford Fest in 2016 and once at Ford’s printing company.

Snover Dhillon at Ford Fest in 2016
Snover Dhillon at Ford Fest in 2016

Dhillon confirmed that he once asked Ford about getting discounted print materials on behalf of candidates he was helping, but that Ford had told him to call the daytime manager. According to him, Dhillon never followed up.

The Post Millennial has also received previously unpublished photos showing Dhillon at the Ford family home for Ford Fest in 2016, as well as another photo of Ford and Dhillon together at a Lisa MacLeod fundraiser.

Snover Dhillon and others at the 2017 PC Convention

Dhillon confirmed the authenticity of these photos but maintains he does not have a close relationship with Ford.

“Doug Ford is telling the truth, we are not friends.”

Other sources said the two men have met at least a dozen times but Dhillon strenuously denies this claim.


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