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A condo purchased by Saadi Gaddafi in 2008 was redecorated on SNC-Lavalin’s dime for the former dictator’s son.

The condo, which currently sits empty on the 40th floor of an apartment building in Toronto’s entertainment district cost $1.55 million.

According to an RCMP warrant, SNC-Lavalin spent $200,000 on interior designers to redecorate the condo to Gaddafi’s liking. The Montreal company also allegedly covered the condo fees for the dictator’s son.

The condo, which the Libyan government now argues is their property after the Gaddafi family’s assets were seized following Muammar Gaddafi being overthrown, is now in an international court stalemate.

The last time that Saadi Gaddafi occupied the condo was in 2009, when he attended the Toronto International Film Festival.

The RCMP also alleged that SNC-Lavalin was involved in a failed plot to smuggle Gaddafi’s son to Mexico.

The company was also involved in financing luxury yachts for the former dictator’s son and transferring him millions of dollars for his role in securing contracts for the company in Libya.

Currently, SNC-Lavalin is facing criminal charges for bribery and corruption due to their activities in Libya around that time.