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SK Premier: Pipeline in BC to import foreign oil APPROVED – Pipeline in BC to move Canadian oil BLOCKED

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe posted on his twitter today, pointing out an extremely interesting contrast.

Namely, that BC has approved a pipeline to import foreign oil, but has blocked the advancement of a pipeline that is in the national interest of Canadians.

Why Does This Matter?

At this point, I can’t help but call out the state of Canada’s energy as one that is decidedly crooked and politicized.

The B.C. NDP has committed to doing almost anything possible to halt the project, while the Federal government has been caught using government grants on anti-trans mountain protestors.

It seems almost clear as day that this project must move forward, and yet individuals like Premier John Horgan, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seem to do everything in their capacity to stop it.

Even as B.C.’s Supreme Court dismisses legal challenges to Kinder Morgan’s TransMountain expansion project from the City of Vancouver and the Squamish Nation, these two individuals can be seen harming the advancement of Canada’s national economic interests.

This is something most Canadians agree on, and its time they placed their role as leaders of people above their role as party heads. Canadians deserve an economic environment where our interests can thrive, and right now it seems like parties are willing to sacrifice our interests just to please their base.


  • While this is a pipeline what with be a blend of petroleum and oil products that are from a foreign refinery. I believe it should be pointed out. I believe the headline to be misleading somewhat. We should be refining our own petroleum products as a nation.

  • John Horgan and his side kick Andrew Weaver last year approved the Richmond 15.5 km line for delivery of Aviation Fuel to Vancouver Airport. They quietly approved this line that runs through Salmon grounds, but that's OK. John Horgan is willing to sell his sole to keep being the Premier of BC. With Andrew Weaver whispering in Hogan's ear, "John don't forget my three votes". What a hypercritical person John Horgan is going to court over the KM project but approving a lL;ine that will cut Canadians out of a job. Only in Lotus land can we see this, their in their own bubble world and the rest of Canada doesn't count. Tell me how Justin Trudeau is going to make this project get built, so far he has shown no fight except for the 20 minute meeting in Ottawa. What a shame.

  • Diversity, the mantra of the Liberal Left is to DIVIDE.

    And with that the various groups will look after themselves and ignore the greater good of UNITY.

    That way the Liberal left can control smaller groups easier with special grants and gifts to maintain their grip on power.

    That is not my definition of democracy but a dictatorship.

    United we stand, divided we are falling.

    Federal election is next year ...... 'casue it's 2019!

  • our prov. gov hear are being idiots ithink lets supply our oil to us drop some of the steep taxes on it. why ndp joined with greens still baffles me i would never vote green

  • The Liberals in Ottawa are not for Canadians they are only for their Own Gain ,, The Liberals in Ottawa are a Dictatorship party no less ,, 2019 can’t come quick enough to rid of all the Liberal Corruption ,, Canada is a Sitting Bomb with Trudeau in Power Sad But True

  • This is not the work of stupid people. These people are hard working puppets and the question is who is the puppeteer? They are destroying our income and is it simply to keep us in debt or is there a more complex plan?

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Ali Taghva

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