OTTAWA — NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is urging Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to consider decriminalizing all illegal drugs in an effort to combat Canada’s escalating opioid crisis.

Singh, who campaigned on a similar promise during his party’s recent leadership race, says he will push the federal New Democrats to make the position part of its own formal policy platform.

The NDP is scheduled to hold a policy convention in Ottawa in February.

Singh, a former criminal defence lawyer, has been vocal about the opioid issue ever since becoming the party’s newest leader, including during a trip last week to British Columbia.

He says the majority of Canadians struggling with opioids are plagued by mental health problems, addiction and poverty, and that the solution lies in tackling issues of social justice, not criminal justice.

Canadian health−care experts, including B.C.’s provincial health officer, have urged the federal government to strongly consider borrowing from Portugal’s approach to drug policy, including decriminalizing personal possession of illicit drugs.

The Canadian Press


  1. NO – the world does not support this position nor do the majority of Canadians. Vote against the legalization of marijuana and send a strong message to the government of Canada and the NDP that they will be held accountable in the next election if they move on this mindless drug policy – mindless yes that is the word being thrown around the drug prevention community over Trudeau’s pot plan. Here is a petition to sign
    and also write an MP – or Senator and ask that they show up and protect Canadians way of life – and reject the country going literally to pot.

    Prevent Don;t Promote –

    Join our fight against legalization – write to Andrew Scheer – the official opposition and ask him to stand up for Canada.


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