Folks living in parts of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and Ontario are in for pretty horrendous weather in the coming days.

According to the government of Canada’s public weather alerts system, the provinces can expect anything from severe rain, to thunderstorms or just plain high heat.

  • Alberta is expected to be hit with heat and severe thunderstorms.
  • British Columbia will have heavy rain.
  • Manitoba will experience humid heat spiking past 32 degrees celsius
  • New Newfoundland and Labrador will experience severe thunderstorms.
  • Nova Scotia will see heat and potential thunderstorms.
  • Parts of Ontario will see severe thunderstorms and heat.
  • Saskatchewan will see immense heat.

While the warnings have been put in place for multiple provinces, they are by no means new.

Earlier on Wednesday parts of Alberta received warnings about 2-4cm hail, heavy rain, and wind gusts nearing 90km/h.

You can view the full list of warnings here.