Sending the flames back to Hamas, Gaza-area farmers hit terror org with fiery lawsuit in International Court

Hamas will finally be hit back with a lawsuit that, hopefully, will deter the perpetual terrorist attacks they have been committing over the last few months.

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With a complete lack of regard for the environment and its wildlife, Hamas and Palestinians, continue to spread massive havoc on Israeli agricultural lands using condom balloon fire bombs, even going as so far as to trap wild birds and attach the fire bombs to them.

Living under constant attack

This has been the perpetual situation for months.

The Shurat Hadin organization, on behalf of the farmers from the areas affected, as well as an additional 50,000 who would join the cause, have filed a lawsuit against Hamas.

Flying to The Hague, it will be there where they will press charges against the terror organization at the International Criminal Court.

The Court will finally see the lawsuit focusing on violations of the Rome Statute.

This includes attacking Israel’s borders, burning civilian lands, using children in warfare, and using civilians as human shields.

Israelis have been living scared daily.

They recognize that they are living in a constant state of war and that every threat is existential.

Additionally, Israelis only have but mere seconds in order to evacuate the premises of a targeted area and safely reach a structured bomb shelter.

Thousands upon thousands of acres and wildlife have been destroyed thanks to the firebombs.

The danger posed on the people

Farmers are losing business.  There is an increase in the the number of people suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  This comes from an increase in constant threats and intimidations of terrorism from across the border.

The situation becomes even more sinister when a bombs land on kindergarten grounds or a young child’s backyard trampoline.

The fastest man in the world cannot escape these cruel acts of pure evil.  How will innocent little children find shelter when they are simply playing outside?

Perhaps Trump’s latest PLO negotiations will help the Palestinians negotiate policy changes for more peace-building with Israelis.

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