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Selkirk RCMP prevent woman’s suicide attempt

Selkirk RCMP prevent woman’s suicide attempt 

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A 40-year-old woman has been rescued by RCMP after police received calls of a woman perched upon the railing of a bridge located on Eaton Avenue in Selkirk.

In an August 29 news release, Selkirk RCMP report that they received a single 911 call alerting them to the potentially fatal situation on August 21 at 9:45 pm.

Two officers responded within minutes and saw the woman facing the road with her back to the river far below. Police attempted to open a dialogue with the woman, but the woman showed no interest and prevented further communication.

One officer then went back to his cruiser to set up road block. According to police, at this critical moment the woman turned her attention away from the remaining officer, giving the officer a window of opportunity.

“The officer immediately grabbed a hold of the female who then attempted to fall backwards towards the water. Other officers then arrived on scene and assisted in pulling her over the railing,” report Selkirk RCMP.

The rescued woman was not injured and has since been sent to a hospital for mental assessment.

It has yet to be reported what originally caused the woman’s deep distress and prompted her to perch herself on the railing.

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