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Scrapped! Ford government tears down Wynne’s costly Green Energy Act


In light of their efforts to fight for Ontarians, the Ford government has announced legislation to finally put the costly Green Energy Act to bed.

One of the Conservative government’s first actions were to cancel 758 energy projects.  Deemed as “expensive and wasteful,” the projects were part of the Ford plan to cut hydro rates by 12 per cent for Ontarians.

Passed in 2009, by Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal government, the Green Energy Act, forced power away from communities and, instead, concentrated these powers into Queens Park.

The government would use this power to help a much heavier green energy agenda.  In a city environment this might have been ideal, but when the government chooses to meddle into infrastructures people rely on, then how are the Liberal’s politics balanced at all?


Although the Liberals’ intentions to pass greener legislation was admirable, when combined with generous subsidies given to green energy providers, triggered an increase in electricity prices province-wide.

Ford slashing the act, grants the government responsibility to let the people decide which forms of energy they want to adopt.

While some municipalities can focus on moving in a green direction, others can choose to reclaim previous energy agendas, formerly banned by the Liberal act.

Giving power to the people

In this very scenario, municipalities will inevitably decide their own fates.  Ford provides the decision for the people to carry the future of their energy practices into their own hands.  Decentralizing the government’s power on green energy is evidently something more appealing to Ontarians.

What are your thoughts and comments on the announced repeal?  Are you a fan of the Green Energy Act?  No, why not?  Comment below.

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Jonathan Wasserlauf

Jonathan is interested in the intersection between politics, pop culture, the media, and their audiences.


  • Now get rid of the incredibly stupid 'mandatory' (not-so) "Smart" meters. Can't believe people don't realise just how toxic it is to have that signal pulsing through every single electrical wire in your house, not to mention the fires caused by them.

  • While I agree that the Smart Meter fiasco was just another Liebral tax grab, the idea of toxic signals does not stand up to basic grade school science "smarts".

    It does feed the Tin foil hat brigade. They are available at most paranoia outlets. Buy two, they are cheap. And better trash your cell phones, cordless phones, WiFi, ear buds, etc for fear of getting dumber.

    And the fires? They were the cause of manufacturing defects brought on by bad design in a very few meters only in one province, that were quickly remedied. The technology is sound, even if the government purpose is not.

    Reading news is good - understanding and processing it properly within context is a bit more difficult.
    Liebral Green Policy - take a dog turd, paint it green and sell it to drooling Leftards as better than sliced bread. Yummy!
    Then sit back laughing at the morons and spread the wealthy among your criminal buddies. Works every time. The Turd is doing it right now.

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