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Scott Moe: Carbon Tax Will Cost Our Families At Least $1000 Per Year

According to a new tweet by Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe the carbon tax will cost the average Saskatchewan family at least $1000 per year on goods such as gas, groceries, and heating – costing provinces economy a whopping $2 billion per year.

The Premier also posted that the tax will have a negligible effect on the environment, while drastically harming families.

Why Does This Matter?

The Premiers of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario are now fully in opposition of the Carbon tax.

Within a year Alberta will be added to that list, once Jason Kenney is elected.

The comments by Premier Moe highlight the strategy that will likely be taken nationwide to oppose the policy. I.e pointing to its high costs for families and businesses while highlighting its negligible effect on the environment.

What do you think about these recent comments? Let us know by commenting below!

Ali Taghva

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