According to City News, Andrew Scheer has stated again that he would scrap the new standards that will force cleaner-burning fuels in addition to scrap the federal carbon tax if his Conservative Party wins in the coming federal election.

In a letter to PM Trudeau, Scheer outlines how the standards due to take place on liquid fuels such as gasoline in 2022 would increase gas prices by at least four cents a litre, not including the national price on carbon.

Scheer brands these fuel standards as a “secret fuel tax,” calling for Trudeau to stop them in their tracks.

The clean-fuel standard is intended to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gasses by over 30 million tonnes annually, which would take a healthy chunk out of the nearly 200 million tonnes Canada pledged to cut under the Paris climate-change accord.

Scheer says he would also get rid of the fuel standard as well as the carbon tax if election to be Prime Minister.