Scheer Seeks to Repair Relations with India during Upcoming Trip in October

A united India is of the utmost importance to Canada, and furthering diplomatic relations is what both states should be looking to do.

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In hindsight, the trip to India six months prior was seen as nothing short of a total filibuster—a disaster for all intents and purposes by the current administration.

However, a planned 9-day trip to New Delhi in October by Scheer and his team hopes to “repair and strengthen” relations between the two in an attempt to move past the myriad of issues that were brought about through a clumsy diplomatic showing in the host nation under Trudeau.

While Trudeau took the previous trip as an oppourtunity to expand upon his collection of unnecessary and cringe-worthy photo-ops more so than to address its business-orientated concerns with India, Scheer assures that while no itinerary has been released regarding his trip, he has confirmed it will be about the latter and not the former.

A spokesperson from the Scheer camp, Brock Harrison, spoke to this effect in stipulating the importance of stronger ties between the two countries, stating “[India is] an important strategic partner for Canada for a number of reasons,” which Scheer added, would be “Canada’s gateway to unprecedented human and economic development” within the rising Indo-Pacific power. Therefore, a united India is of the utmost importance to Canada, as furthering economic ties with one of the world’s fastest-growing economies should take precedence over social issues regarding India’s tumultuous past.

Case and point, granting an invite to Jaspal Atwal, a man with ties to a Sikh extremist cell was not a sign of good faith to the Modi Administration that Trudeau’s claim of supporting a united India was one that could be taken seriously. However, Scheer hopes to change that, seeking to take advantage of the LPC’s self-inflicted vulnerability, which had been incurred through its mediocre foreign policy.

Upsetting a host nation, particularly one that is uber conservative and nationalistic, and lacking the same desire to be as ‘progressive’ as Trudeau’s Canada, is not worth promoting social acceptance and unbridled compassion at the expense of advancing mutually beneficial ties by trade.

However, with that in mind, Scheer will have many people to convince that his business-oriented trip with senior government officials and business leaders will indeed bear some fruit—since the CPC failed to boost two-way trade to a tune of $15 billion by 2015.

To date, the LPC has yet to make much ground in that department either, as two-way trade remains at approximately $8.4 billion, as of August 2018.

More of this, only here at The Post Millennial.


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